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Flamingo Dai Lai Resort golf course opened

Wed, 20 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

Recently, the biggest Flamingo Dai Lai Resort golf course in Northern Vietnam were officially opened in order to increase the utilities for the owners of villas at the resort, and bring high-class experiences to visitors.

In recent years, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort becomes one of top resorts in Vietnam, as well as the leading eco resort in North Vietnam. To bring the best services and experiences to visitors, Flamingo Golf Club decided to operate the largest golf course. Getting the inspiration of St. Andrew Golf Course in Scotland, the 18-hole golf course is designed by the reputable company - Thompson Perrett. 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses are designed in a refinement. They are surrounded by a safe tree line preventing the view from outsides. The ranges of colors and space links with some open areas, water and pine forests. The entire surrounding space is a romantic lake running around the pine forests, immense grass fields, and majestic mountain ranges.


Aerial view of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort


Located in the area of a 5-star international resort - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, not far from Hanoi City center, Flamingo Golf Course is subtly designed and surrounded attractive landscapes, which appeals many golfers. Flamingo Golf Course has a narrow fairway with small and hard green, which is a great challenge for both professional and semi-professional to amateur players to have a wonderful experience. Flamingo Golf Course has a huge advantage of landscapes in resort (1.23 million square meters), surrounded by 5 million square meters of waters, and millions square meters of pine forests. This is the highlight making the Flamingo Golf Course different from other golf courses in Vietnam. Owning an advantage of gorgeous natural landscapes and an intact ecosystem with 4 peninsulas, 2 islands, 10 forests, 5 hills, 3 streams, 2 lakes and 5 km adjacent to Dai Lai Lake, the golf course possesses paths with increasing difficulty. Flamingo Golf promises to bring many interesting experiences to visitors who love the noble sport.


Flamingo Dai Lai Resort golf course


In addition, golfers have a chance to enjoy wonderful services and utilities at the best resort in Northern Vietnam, such as luxury villas, restaurant chain (Bamboo Wings, The Charm Palace, The Beach, and Forest), various conference spaces, and relaxed spa center. The yacht area and largest four-season outdoor pool in the North of Vietnam is a convenient place to organize water sports, which also creates the unique appeal of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. The opening of the golf course is a plan to develop a system of Vietnam's largest entertainment at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in the future.

On the occasion of the opening, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort also organized a golf tournament - Flamingo Golf Open 2015. Participants meeting the following requirements can join the competition: above 18 years old (born before or on 16/05/1997). Amateur golfers (according to the certificate of R&A) are Vietnamese citizens, and foreigners as invitees of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, as well as members or customers of the resort. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in recent year attracts a stable number of guests, which is on the rise. It is the motivation for the resort to renovate the facilities and services to provide customers with more benefits.

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