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Bo De Quan - Essence of Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine

Thu, 15 Jan 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:59

Bo De Quan Restaurant at 164 Au Co Street in Tay Ho District, Hanoi is a great address for guests to enjoy the essence of Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine. Coming to the restaurant, guests will be lured into the art of cuisine and purity in soul.

5km from the city center to the west, it just takes 10 minutes to drive to Bo De Quan Restaurant (Bodhi Restaurant). This unique restaurant is open with the purpose toward the good, and to promulgate the art of Vietnam cuisine in general and Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine in particular. It fascinates diners by fresh and verdurous color of life.


Goodness orientation

Inside Bo De Quan


Vegetarianism is often thought to be related to Buddhism. Vegetarianism in the Buddhist conception is fostering goodness, healthy growth and love for people and everything around. People choose a vegetarian diet to enjoy a peaceful life without guiltiness, jealousness and cruelty. Life, therefore, is more beautiful and meaningful.

Inspired by meaningful purposes of Buddhism, owners of Bo De Quan, Ms. Trang Linh and Ms. Nguyet Nga have gradually and silently prepared for opening the restaurant. In 2013, Bo De Quan was public open. Initially, as vegetarianism was not favored by Vietnamese northerners, the restaurant appealed few diners. Sometimes feeling frustrated; however, with good aspirations and determination to change people's consciousness about the importance of Vegetarianism in living healthier, especially in reducing the killing, the owners of Bo De Quan tried to keep the restaurant moving. So far, Bo De Quan has been fascinating a large number of diners.


Culinary Art

Crowded Inside Bo De Quan


The restaurant’s chefs always try their best and put all kind-heartedness into each dish. Simple ingredients become delicious vegetarian dishes under talented and skilful hands, along with goodness-oriented souls.  The vegetarian menu is diverse in appearance and attractive in every single characteristic flavor which captivates diners just by a glance. To provide diners with daily different vegetarian delicacies such as vegetarian meal, vegetarian buffet, or vegetarian hot pot…, chefs have to prepare everything meticulously and attentively.

Despite including vegetarian dishes, Bo De Quan’ menu is characterized by full flavors of sourness, bitter, salinity, and sweetness with soups and stir-fries… Each dish has its own way of decoration with various kinds of fresh, nutritious and colorful vegetables such as carrots and cabbage… Vegetarian dishes are truly an art of Vietnamese cuisine in particular and Buddhist cuisine in general. It is both culinary art and visual art with colorfulness from flowers, fruits and vegetables.

These dishes not just own an attractive appearance, but also delicious flavors to satisfy all tastes, which make diners still feel comfortable inspite of how much they eat. With tasty dishes, attentive serving manners, and reasonable price, Bo De Quan Restaurant is mentioned in both local and international press more than once as an indispensable address for vegetarian diners.


Foot-binding diners

A buffet in Bo De Quan


Diners coming to vegetarian Bo De Quan Restaurant may be Buddhists and Buddhist devotees or vegetarian guests as businessmen, officers or even young people... There are also a significant number of foreigners. They come to the vegetarian restaurant firstly to satisfy their curiosity in exploring Vietnamese cuisine, and then to understand a bit more about Buddhism.

Initially, it may be a little bit of strange when enjoying vegetarian dishes. However, no sooner do dinners taste the vegetarian dishes than they are stunned and admire the creativity of chefs with delicacies of “pork roll, beef, roasted chicken, and salads” which are processed by simple and rustic ingredients as lotus seeds, tofu, and radish… Of course, these “names” are used to make dishes more attractive. Thereby, Vietnamese traditional cuisine is distilled into vegetarian dishes, which is a way to introduce the image of Vietnam and people to international friends.

Jordan Tim a regular guest of the restaurant shared: “Now, I am 50, and get used to going on vegetarian diet for 30 years. I realize that eating vegetarian food makes digestive work more effectively and faster, thus my body is healthier. Bo De Restaurant is really an amazing with dishes engaging and fantastic flavors. I want to say thanks to Bo De Restaurant, and dedicated chefs. I will come here as long as possible. I hope more and more people will visit the restaurant and enjoy vegetarian delicacies. Let’s come here, you will explore how amazing vegetarian food is. I will surely eat vegetarian food to the end of my life.”

In a static space, sometimes with a Buddha's lesson on life philosophy, religion, and life... stepping into that space, and tasting elegant vegetarian dishes, diners will surely remember and want to come back to Bo De Quan once they ever visit the restaurant.

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