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Cao Lau Hoi An - one of Vietnam's greatest dishes

Thu, 09 Oct 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:52

Cao Lau has long been regarded as a signature dish creating the soul of Hoi An cuisine. According to Huffington Post, a well-known American magazine, Cao Lau Hoi An is considered as "one of Vietnam's greatest culinary treasures".

Huffington Post recently published an article recommending regional specialties which are worthy to try including Cao Lau Hoi An. According to the writer, there is a plenty of acclaimed foods in the world, in which you just only need to mention its names, people will immediately know which country these dishes belong to, for example, Japanese Sushi, Korean Kim Chi, or Italian Spaghetti.  Nonetheless, there are also many delicious regional dishes that you probably do not know. These foods are not widely recognized all over the world, however, when you have an opportunity to savor it, you may never forget its special flavors. According to the article, Cao Lau Hoi An was listed in a not-to-be-missed list of regional specialties in the world along with other dishes such as Ochazuke - Japan mixed rice dish, Indian Chicken 65 , Mexican Pozole Stew, Ful medames of Egypt and Sudan.


Cao lau, Hoi An Specialty


Traced back to history, Huffington Post brings readers to a period of 15th - 19th century when Hoi An was a big trading center of Vietnam and a bustling and important commercial port of South East Asia. At that time, Hoi An was a busy and crowded place where foreign boats and ships coming to trade. This was also a temporarily and long-term residence for foreigners, especially Chinese people. As the Thu Bon river silted up, ships could not dock here anymore, consequently, trade in Hoi An gradually became a virtual standstill. However, the joy came back in the early 1990s when tourism sector helped this city grow again. In 1999, Hoi An was recognized by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage. Until now, the city has become a famous tourism center not only in Vietnam but also in all over the world.


Tasting delicious Cao Lau - Hoi An


"Mustard yellow colonial buildings with vine covered terraces line dusty streets, and lanterns light up the old city at night. The delightful atmosphere alone makes Hoi An worth the visit", the writer of the article described Hoi An Old Town with the admiration. Simultaneously,  the writer emphasized that in addition to the uniqueness of architectural works under the influence of acculturation, another critical factor makes tourists desire to visit Hoi An is its cuisine.

The writer also stated that in spite of being known as a small city with the population of 120,000 citizens, Hoi An is “a concentrated mecca of international and homegrown flavors". Visiting Hoi An, tourists do not have to worry about the lack of places to enjoy specialties because the city has many both street vendors and famous restaurants to serve the culinary demands of tourists. Travelers come here can enjoy unique and special specialties of the city such as: "Cơm Gà" - a chicken and rice dish which is cooked with chicken broth and topped with shredded chicken, "bánh Bao", "bánh Vạc" - cakes made from shrimp and pork mixed with minced onion and garlic, and especially Cao Lau.


Cao Lau noodles


Expressing the great interest for Cao Lau, Huffington Post meticulously described the ingredients of the dish involving greens and crunchy croutons, pieces of barbecued pork, and thick rice noodles. Tasting Cao Lau is reminiscent of a kind of Japan noodles named soba.  When enjoying the dish, you should eat noodles along with raw vegetables and fresh bean sprouts. It promises to bring you the finest taste. Cao Lau is not very well-known as other special Vietnam food, but it is a must-to-try food because it is a signature dish containing the soul of Hoi An. Thereby, people often said that do not trying Cao Lau shall be deemed you have not yet visited Hoi An. 

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