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Bun Cha - one of world's best street foods

Mon, 24 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

Being known as a favorite Vietnamese street food of many foreigners, recently, Bun Cha was voted as one of 10 world's best street food by National Geographic Travel website. Earlier, it is also suggested by CNN as one of best foods for summer.

Recently, National Geographic - a prestigious travel website - carried out a poll to ask its readers sharing their experiences of tasting world’s best street foods according to their opinion. The poll result was based on the votes of National Geographic readers in a social networking website Facebook. After the poll was finished, National Geographic issued an article suggesting 10 world's best street food voted by its readers. In the article, along with other superb cuisine from different countries in all over the world, Bun Cha Hanoi also had a presence in the list. In the article, National Geographic quoted a comment of Erin F., a traveler who visited Vietnam and spent a great love for Bun Cha:” We came across a lady in the old quarter grilling the most delicious-smelling pork patties over a charcoal grill”. After publishing the poll's results, another reader from Los Angeles also remarked: "That Bun cha spot in Hanoi, Vietnam is amazing". Besides, a few months later, Bun Cha also listed in a list of 25 the world's most delicious food in summer suggested by CNN.


Enjoying Bun Cha


Bun Cha is well-known for its English name as Kebab Rice Noodles is a gourmet Vietnamese food. In spite of having a very simple name, Bun Cha is a favorite and must-to-try dish of international friends when visiting Vietnam. Because of its popularity and hard-to-resist appeal, Bun Cha is catered not only in street vendors but also in luxury restaurants in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general. Bun Cha is thought to have originated from Hanoi. The dish is made by the combination of grilled pork and rice noodle. It is served with grilled fatty pork, noodles, dipping sauce, and some type of herbs including sugar, chili, lemon juice, garlic, etc. Bun Cha is popular in the Northern region of Vietnam, meanwhile, its Southern version is called Bun Thit Nuong, which is made from rice vermicelli and grilled meat.


Grilling the pork for Bun Cha


It have been said that the first Bun Cha Restaurant in Hanoi is in Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District therefore the best place to enjoy a genuine Bun Cha in Hanoi is in Hanoi Old Quarter area. The flavors of Hanoi Old Quarter’s Bun Cha are quite special in comparison with other places. Under the strong sunlight in summer, enjoying Bun Cha, visitors can feel the essence of Vietnamese cuisine by tasting all kinds of flavors including sour, sweet, spicy, and fatty created by its ingredients and fish sauces. 

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