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Hoi An foods worth to try - Part 1

Tue, 20 Jan 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:59

In addition to the ancient beauty, Hoi An also attracts tourists with its delectable cuisines. Many Hoi An foods such as chicken rice, Quang noodle, Cao Lau, Hoanh Thanh, sweet sugar, etc. have left tourists good impression and unforgettable flavors.


Hoi An Chicken Rice


Hoi An Chicken Rice


Hoi An Chicken Rice is one of Hoi An foods that travelers should not miss. This dish is favored by both domestic and international visitors when traveling to the Ancient Town. Hoi An Chicken Rice attracts people because of its colorful appearance with yellow rice, green herbs, white chicken, and red chili sauce. Not only having eye-catching look, Hoi An Chicken Rice has mouth-watering flavors. Tasting Hoi An Chicken Rice once time, travelers will never forget it special flavors.


Quang noodle


Quang noodle in Hoi An


Wandering around small and beautiful streets in Hoi An, tourists should not forget to enter into a small restaurant to enjoy Quang noodle - another famous Hoi An cuisine. Quang noodle is made from rice noodles, shrimp, pork, chicken, rice paper, herbs, and a little of broth. When tasting Quang noodle, visitors should mingle all of above ingredients together, then let's enjoy its genuine flavors. Savoring Quang noodle's flavor, tourists will feel that it is totally different from Vietnamese noodles (Pho) although both of them use noodles as the main ingredient.


Cao Lau


Cao Lau - Hoi An


Cao Lau is a specialty of Hoi An for a long time ago. It is considered as one of the finest gourmet dishes from the central regions of Vietnam. Actually, nowadays, there are some restaurants in other regions of Vietnam and also in other countries serving this dish, nonetheless, none of them can replicate the truly flavors of Cao Lau. The ingredients of Cao Lau Hoi An are quite special with local new sticky rice, Chinese marinated pork, pork rid, fish sauce, Chinese 5 spices, herbs, bean sprouts, and other traditional sauces and condiments. Similar to Quang noodle, to enjoy Cao Lau like locals, visitors should mix all ingredients before tasting.


Hoanh thanh (wonton)


Fried Hoanh Thanh


Hoanh Thanh is a kind of wonton. In Hoi An, Hoanh Thanh is often processed into three types involving fried Hoanh Thanh, Hoanh Thanh soup, and Hoanh Thanh noodles. The main ingredients of Hoanh Thanh are flour, egg, shrimp, water, and salt. To make this dish, flour will be mixed with egg and fermented. After that, they will be cut into small pieces to create the crust. Shrimp will be crushed and marinated with different spices. Depending on its types (fried, noodles, or soup), Hoanh Thanh will be served differently with herbs.  


Sauteed mussels served with griddle cake


Sauteed mussels served with griddle cake


Sauteed mussels served with griddle cake are a rustic but special cuisine in Hoi An. It is a pity if travelling Hoi An without tasting this dish. Sauteed mussels served with griddle cake are a perfect combination of popular ingredients involving rice paper, mussels, and some types of Vietnam herbs. The most highlight of this dish is its sauce. It is made from sugar, onion, chopped pineapple, garlic, and green chili. This special sauce makes the flavor of sauteed mussels served with griddle cake become more harmonious and mouth-watering. 

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