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Ba Na Hills will operate the first funicular in Vietnam

Sun, 06 Apr 2014. Last updated Wed, 06 May 2015 15:52

On April 26, Ba Na Hills will officially welcome a new funicular railway called “climbing-mountain train” to serve tourists. Being firstly constructed in Vietnam, this system will be a promising way of developing tourism in this area.

Project of the first funicular in Na Hills is implemented by Sun Groups cooperating with Garaventa. The year of 2014 is a pivotal year for the successful business-tourism activity of SunGroup in general and Ba Na Hills in particular. This is evidenced by large-scale works, resulting in a significantly increase in the number of tourists coming to Da Nang. It is confirmed that the measure is successful thanks to the reasonable policy of the local leaders, the timely assistance of localities. In addition, SunGroup has been coordinating with Sunland Limited Company in bringing the brand closer to tourists.

Ba Na Hills selected a reputable partner as Garaventa, a famous Swiss cable manufacturer. The pulling cable system of Garaventa has widely application worldwide. It could be built in cities, countryside areas, or on hilly terrains. The advantage of this transport is able to move gently through the rugged terrains.

In June 2013, the construction of Ba Na Hills funicular called “climbing-mountain train” was launched in Ba Na Hills. The system can reach the climbing speed of 5 m/s, move on a railway of 400m with the transporting capacity of up to 1600 guests per hour. This route passes through beautiful landscapes of Da Nang such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Le Jardin flower garden, and ancient villas area. With the system of funicular, tourists can contemplate wonderful landscapes of mountains, jungles freely and conveniently with ease, effortless and safe.

Conference on opening Ba Na Hills funicular

It is said that this kind of system was designed as a transport mode, but its rudimentary forms was born from the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century in Austria. It was used to transport goods and materials to the highest towers of Hohensalzburg Castle. It was not until the second half of the nineteenth century, the new type of transport was used for urban residents. Not only European countries, but also other continents have applied the system for mountainous and rugged terrains. So far, this is the type of transport meeting the harsh challenge of time to prove its superiority.

Ba Na Hills Funicular

In addition, apart from the first funicular in Vietnam, Ba Na Hills is well known for its Ba Na Hills cable car, Toc Tien-Indochine Cable. This system gained four world records including the longest single wire cable with total length of over 5,771 km, the biggest distance between the departing point and approaching point, a cable system having the longest cable wire of 11,587, and the heaviest cable reel with 141.24 tons in the world. After the success of the Toc Tien - Indochine cable car, the opening of the funicular, the first system in Vietnam, confirms the type of unique tourism development increasingly growing in Ba Na Hills in particular and in Da Nang tourism in general. On opening this funicular system, there will be an attractive promotion for tourists.

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