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Han River Night Market in Da Nang will be built

Mon, 22 Dec 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:57

According to the authorities of Da Nang, a new night market on Han River will be built and finished in 2015. Han River Night Market will contribute greatly to the development of Da Nang tourism. The night market will have 200 booths in shapes of boats.

The approval of conducting Han River Night Market was passed by the Chairman of Da Nang City. The project is invested with the total capital of over 12.7 billion dong. Accordingly, the Han River Night Market will be built in an area of over 1.2 hectares in the east of Han River Bridge, along Tran Hung Dao Street (in Son Tra District). The night market will be the convergence of about 200 booths which are designed in model of boats with view towards Han River. The boats will have themes of seafood, fashion, commodity, fine art, souvenir, common items, cuisine, and entertainment for youth. The construction of night market on Han River will be a new tourism product, appealing a large number of tourists coming to the city as well as boosting the development of service in the city. The night market will be put into operation in 2015. It will be open from 18:00 every day, and the closing time is not regulated. This convenience will meet the demand of traveling, entertaining, shopping and contemplating the city at night.


Han River Bridge by night


During this time of the last year, the administration of Da Nang City had a decision on planning the bank of Han River to become a yacht parking system. According to the project and architectural design, the Da Nang port will be divided into four functional areas, including a Riverside Park of 11,000 square meters, tourism service area of 7,700 square meters, tourist wharf of 3,592 square meters, and parking lot of 2,755 square meters in front of Novotel Danang Premier Han River Hotel. All areas are connected with each other into a complex with a river walk of 9 meters wide. Thuan Phuoc Bridge port area has an area of 24,500 square meters. It is planned with a large marina, restaurant, and parking lot. Along Han River, there are also many marinas. In addition to the project of the Da Nang night market, the city is being invested strongly to attract more tourists to come to the city voted as “the worthiest city to live” in Vietnam.

All booths in the night market in Da Nang are built on an area of over 12 thousand square meters with various themes, such as specialty, fashion, consumption, fine art, souvenir, general items, cuisine, and game center for young people. The city’s authority agreed that the duration for renting ground and sidewalks in the project is 10 years to facilitate the capital recovery of investors and to reduce risk. The city will be responsible for reimbursement of investment fund by agreement if the withdrawing ground before deadline. The city’s administration will support to promote, create favorable conditions and maximum incentives for investors to implement the project, namely renting fee reduction in the early years, while investors can receive loans from the city’s investment and development fund with the most favorable interest rates.


Thuan Phuoc Bridge crossing Han River


Mr. Van Huu Chien. Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee said that the Han River Night Market will connect two famous streets and create walking streets along the bank of Han River; at the same time, this is coordinated with the service area in tourist wharf of DHC Company. The project will attract more tourists and enhance the development of Da Nang tourism along Han River in particular and the entire city in general. He added that the position of 200 booths in the night market would be designed reasonably to create convenience for travelers and ensure the natural landscapes around the area. The project is encouraged to use natural, light and environment-friendly materials. In addition, after closing, owners of booths have to clean and recover the park’s atmosphere. He stressed, “The scenery must be beautiful in both day time and night time. It is not allowed for this area to become sleazy.”

The Chairman also noted, the year 2015 the city was unified as the year of “cultural and urban civilization”. Therefore, the project on nightlife on Han River is implemented to ensure the criteria of cultural urban civilization in the city. Department of Trade and Industry is responsible for state management and coordination with other departments and units related to supervise and guide investors to build rules and regulations on activities of the night market. Son Tra District’s administration will monitor and manage the nightlife activities in the area and ensure order in urban areas.

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