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Hoi An diversifies recreational activities on Tet holiday

Wed, 11 Feb 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:20

On the occasion of upcoming Tet holiday, from February 18th to 24th in the solar calendar (from December 30th to January 6th in the lunar calendar), Hoi An will hold many special activities to serve recreational demands of local citizens and travelers.

The opening ceremony of Tet holiday 2015 in Hoi An will take place at 10.00 pm on February 18th (December 30th in the lunar calendar) in Hoai River Square with many artistic repertoires performed by famous singers and music bands. Besides, on New Year's Eve, a firework display will be exploded in An Hoi Garden promising to bring residents and tourists impressive performances. In addition, from February 19th to 24th (from January 1st to 6th on Tet holiday), Hoi An City will organized many vibrant activities imbued with the city's culture such as  Spring Calligraphy Festival, Spring Songs and Childhood Rhythm, Tree Planting Festival, "Colors of Youth" Contest, Boat Racing, and many other activities.


Hoi An Ancient Town


Although the opening ceremony will be held in December 30th (lunar calendar), many cultural activities will take place in Hoi An streets since December 24th  to create a cheerful and exciting atmosphere. Visiting Hoi An Old Town at this time, travelers will have a great opportunity to take part Hoi An traditionally folk games and go sightseeing in flower markets and flower streets. Besides, on the occasion of Lunar New Year, there are over 50 temples, pagodas, and churches in Hoi An will respond to a program of decorating a New Year Tree and lantern installation art. 


Laterns in Hoi An


To attract tourists traveling Hoi An on Tet holiday, Hoi An Ancient Town will offer free tickets for travelers to visit Hoi An Ancient Town and other attractions in the city from February 18th to 21st. Accordingly, tourists can freely visit 21 attractions in Hoi An involving Cau Pagoda, Cam Pho Temple, Minh Huong Communal House, Quan Cong Temple, Museum of History and Culture, Museum of Trade Ceramics, Sa Huynh Culture Museum, Museum of Folklore, Quan Thang Ancient House, Duc An Ancient House, Tan Ky Ancient House, The Tran Family Home and Chapel, Chaozhou Assembly Hall, Cantonese Assembly Hall, Fujian Assembly Hall, fine arts and craft factory, XQ Hoi An, ancient tombs of 3 Japanese traders Sokukun, Tani Yajirobei and Banjiro.


Tasting delicious Cao Lau - Hoi An


Hoi An is a World Heritage Site of Vietnam recognized by UNESCO. This is an exceptionally well-preserved example of the Southeast Asian trading port dating from 15th to 19th century. Nowadays, Hoi An is one of the most attractive tourist’s destinations in Vietnam and a must-to-visit world-wide travelers. Not only famous for its sightseeing spots and historical relics, Hoi An is well-known for its specialties. Travelling Hoi An on Tet Holiday, tourists can freely visit Hoi An attractions in some days and taste famous Hoi An food such as Cao Lau, Hoi An Chicken Rice, Quang Noodles, sauteed mussels served with griddle cake, steamed rice rolls with charcoal broiled pork, Hoi An White Rose, Hoi An Local Sweet Soup…

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