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Phu Quoc tourism offers big discounts for tourists

Thu, 24 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 07 May 2015 16:15

Thanks to the policy of electricity cost reduction, Phu Quoc tourism has recently implemented stimulus package for tourism companies to discount prices for tourists from 10 to 15 percent.

According the statement of Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, Head of tourism management under the Kien Giang provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, thanks to the national grid project which was implemented in earlier this year, Phu Quoc Island has officially charges electricity prices equal to that of the mainland since early March 2014. Thus, the current price of electricity in Phu Quoc is only one third compared to the previous one. It is an ideal opportunity for authorities and tourism companies in the province to implement the stimulus package for travel.

Phu Quoc Beach

The tourism stimulus program of this year will be carried out extensively with many new points such as improving service quality to attract domestic and international tourists, discounting service prices in low season, and strengthening promotion of Phu Quoc tourism. The province will perform this stimulus package through allowing tourism companies to delay paying taxes in the low season.

Mr. Huynh Quang Hung, Vice Chairman of Phu Quoc People’s Committee stated that provincial authorities have encouraged companies and enterprises which do businesses of accommodation, resorts, restaurants, catering, and transportation to lower prices. To be supported by this stimulus package, companies are required to apply discount program from 10 to 15 percent for each business form but still ensure service quality.

Phu Quoc beach view from La Veranda Resort

The tourism stimulus project of Phu Quoc Island also focuses on ensuring the security of tourists by requiring businesses proving services of accommodations, hotels, resorts near beaches to associate to found rescue teams. In addition, local officials will strengthen law inspection on transportation and tourism. It is banned to bring tourists to visit the sea in case of bad weather, particularly in storm seasons. After the conference of tourism promotion, Phu Quoc will establish teams to inspect on prices of services provided by businesses entitled to the stimulus package. All companies and businesses participating in this project will be publicly listed.      

Relax in Phu Quoc Beach

To promote tourism, besides discounting service prices for tourists, Phu Quoc also implements some other policies such as launching more straight air routes from Phu Quoc to large cities like Hanoi, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa, constructing new roads linking coastal attractions to towns, and especially the policy of free 30-day visa for tourists since March 10th 2014. With such improvement, Phu Quoc is expected to become a fascinating destination of both domestic and international tourists.

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