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Can Tho offers free Wi-Fi in Ninh Kieu Pier

Tue, 24 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

To attract tourists, promote image of Can Tho, and serve the needs for information of local people, Can Tho City has put into operation of the system free Wi-Fi in public areas such as Ninh Kieu Pier, Center for Tourism and Trade of Can Tho City.

Accordingly, strong Wi-Fi covers Ninh Kieu Pier's square; therefore, tourists can use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops... to access free Wi-Fi here. The Wi-Fi coverage in Ninh Kieu Pier will contribute to promoting and introducing the strength of tourism in Can Tho, and tourists can access the Internet to search for useful information such as pathfinder, hotels, restaurants, and other utility services.


Luu Huu Phuoc Park in Can Tho


This is the good news for local people as well as tourists traveling Can Tho. The system will support the search for information, while helping to promote the image of Tay Do (the capital in the west). Can Tho is the 6th city in Vietnam equipped the system of free public Wi-Fi for residents. The project for providing the system of free public Wi-Fi for local people and tourists has Can Tho Department of Information and Communications as an investor and JSC Saigon Post and Telecommunications to implement from December 2014.

At Ninh Kieu Pier, there are 5 units of Wi-Fi devices installed with a total investment of 1 billion dong on Ngo Gia Tu and Hai Ba Trung Streets along the riverside to old Can Tho Market and some adjacent roads. These devices have the coverage of 150 meters, meeting the need of 250 users for each device. According to statistics, since the trial operation of the Wi-Fi system, from January 2015 up until now, there are 4000 users with the frequence of 800 users/device daily. After the project at Ninh Kieu Pier, Can Tho City will install more Wi-Fi devices at Luu Huu Phuoc Park and other areas and streets in the city center such as Central General Hospital, City General Hospital, or other tourist attractions in Can Tho.


Can Tho Market in Ninh Kieu


However, before the implementation of the expansion, there will be a review meeting to get opinions and improve. Public Wi-Fi tested at Ninh Kieu Pier ensures the coverage within a radius of 150 meters, with about 1,000 users at a time, corresponding to 250 users/1AP. The installation of public Wi-Fi will meet the essential needs of tourists who want to explore more about the scenic, historical monuments of Can Tho. This is a necessary step for Can Tho City to attract tourists as well as to promote the achievements of Can Tho City, a regional center of Mekong River Delta to domestic and international friends, tourists. In order to create motivation for Can Tho tourism development in particular and for the whole region with their own identities, Can Tho has to enhance the supplying of information, enhancing the promotions on international mass media, and creating motivation for attracting tourists to Can Tho.

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