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Introduce Vietnamese worshipping belief in Europe

Mon, 18 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:47

A program on a collection of clothes of Vietnamese worshipping belief, particularly, Mother Goddess worship in Vietnam will be introduced in 4 European countries including Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands.

Mother Goddess worship is the most long-standing belief in Vietnam. In Vietnamese belief, Mother Goddess is the one who created the earth, water, and mountain. She blesses Vietnamese with fortune, good health, abundant harvest, and so on. Therefore, Mother Goddess is worshiped by Vietnamese throughout the country.

The Mother Goddess Worship serves the spiritual life of Vietnamese with the desire of good health, fortune, and luck. The belief associates with images of many historic heroines or goddesses handed down in folklore. In the beginning, goddesses worship depicted representations of nature like the goddess of the earth, water, and mountain. Later, princesses, queens, and female founders of craft villages were honored and worshipped by the local people as Mother goddesses. The program introducing Mother Goddess in Vietnamese belief is held by Vietnamese Cultural Center in France in collaboration with Vietnam Union in Germany and My Son Export Joint Stock Company. Representatives of the organizing committee have said that a large number of Vietnamese popular artists will take part in this program, such as Xuan Ba, Hieu Phuong, Thu Hang, Hoang Long, Khac Tu,…


Artists introduce Vietnamese worshipping belief


A collection of traditional clothes used in Mother Goddess worshipping rituals will be introduced to European friends. The collection is made by a Vietnamese well-known fashion designer, Mrs. Mai Tran. The collection aims to not only introduce ritual clothes of Vietnamese, but also express the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese cultureThe program is a part of activities launched by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to recognize Mother Goddess worshipping belief of Vietnamese as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In addition, it is an opportunity to introduce and promote the image of Vietnamese culture, country and people to international friends.

Earlier, in March 2014, Vietnam has officially file Mother Goddess Worship and trance rituals to UNESCO.  Trance is an especially important ritual accompaning the religion of Mother Goddess worship, and is now an art performance with dancing and singing. Once recognized by UNESCO, this belief will officially become intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


Mother Goddess worship in Vietnam


Mr. Ngo Duc Thinh, a member of National Heritage Board said that Mother Goddess Worship is a Vietnamese folk belief which has existed for a long time while still changing to adapt to current society.  Having to struggle with harsh nature, the abuse of old-fashioned feudalism, and the brutal foreign invasion, Mother Goddess worshipping belief has a naturally close relation ship with Vietnamese people of all classes. Several Domestic and international researchers  appreciated that Mother Goddess worship and the trance ritual are of great historical value in Vietnam, which represent the people’s creativity, the community’s strength and the country’s development.

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