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Ancient Vietnamese culture exhibited in Korea

Wed, 21 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:43

The exhibition named “the early time of ancient Vietnamese culture” is being held at the gallery of the National Museum of Korea during two months from April 29th to June 29th.

The exhibition of “the early time of ancient Vietnamese culture, the dawn at Red River” is an occasion to introduce Vietnamese history as well as similarities in Korean and Vietnamese culture and the ancient Vietnamese culture to Korean. Attending the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of ancient Vietnamese drums as soon as entering into the showroom door. Drumbeat is resounded inside the showroom that makes a unique performance totally different from that of drums made from leather and wood. The bronze drum represents exquisite craftsmanship which symbolizes the ethnic pride of Vietnamese.

Focusing on “Vietnam Red River”, the exhibition introduces to visitors almost all cultural stages of Vietnam from Dong Son culture in 500 BC to the culture of Iron Age and Bronze Age. There are a total of 380 relics of the prehistoric period including 14 bronze drums, baked products of all kinds, jewelry, and tools of ancient Vietnamese. Objects on display are provided by the National Museum of Vietnam.   


Dong Son Drum


The exhibition is divided into 3 main parts: “Vietnam before Dong Son period”, “Red River and Dong Son culture” and “the culture of the South Central in Bronze Age”. The first part presents visitors the flow of Vietnamese culture in Bronze Age which is expressed through Phung Nguyen culture, Dong Dau culture and Go Mun culture. Those cultures lasted from 2000 BC to 500 BC.

The second part displays a variety number of objects through which visitors may learn more about agricultural culture of Red River Delta and ancient Vietnamese. In particular, several Dong Son drums which are regarded as the essence of Broze Age are exhibited here. According to the museum, those are the first patterned drums made before 500 BC. Initially, such drum kinds were created as musical instruments then ancient people used it to exchange goods, money and even to worship. Above bronze drums are carved with pictures of dancing people, musical performers and sailors. Also in this part, visitors can learn more about farming tools like axes or knives and living things such as decorators, bronze belts, bracelets, and other jewelry. Brilliant and exquisite patterns carved onto weapons such as shield, arrow, and swords of Van Lang era (from 697 BC to 257 BC) have attracted attentions of visitors.


Bronze daggers in Dong Son Culture


The third part named “the culture of the South Central in Bronze Age” shows relics of porcelain, jar, and jewelry with the topic of “Sa Huynh Culture” and “Dong Nai culture”. Sa Huynh was an ancient culture flourishing in islands and coastal areas in the Central of Vietnam since 500BC to 100 AD. The exhibition also introduces “stone grave” which was the traditional form of funeral of Sa Huynh society to compare with the Korean stone grave in the roughly same period.

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