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Tuan Chau Harbor - A breakthrough in Halong Bay tourism

Tue, 21 Apr 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

Tuan Chau Harbor is an artificial port which is recognized as the largest artificial tourist harbor in Asia. With its recent improvement, the harbor becomes a breakthrough in the course of tourism development in Halong Bay and in Vietnam.

Quang Ninh People's Committee has proposed Ministry of Transportation for recognizing Tuan Chau Harbor as a tourist port to welcome domestic and international ships. This is a great breakthrough for Halong Bay tourism in particular and Vietnam tourism in general. Located in the general project of Tuan Chau International resort and entertainment approved by the provincial People's Committee, Tuan Chau Port system has a total area of 172ha with 2 zones. Zone 1 was invested and put into operation by Tuan Chau Group from 2008. The berth can receive about 200 big ships (equal to 400 small ones). The length of this berth is nearly 2,000 meters, and the water surface of anchoring has an area of 15ha. The port has welcomed many successful international ships and received positive feedbacks from visitors and international carriers.


Tuan Chau tourist wharf


The Zone 2 in Tuan Chau Port is built on a large tidal wetland and 11 times larger than the yacht harbor constructed previously by Tuan Chau Group. After three years of construction with more 2,500 staff, nearly 300 motorized vehicles, and millions of cubic meters of mud, tens of kilometers of embankments have been dug and concreted, together with the supply system of power, water, and oil. Up until now, the port is basically completed with the capacity of 2,000 ships. The length of anchoring area is 7km, and the area of anchoring water surface is of 85ha. The Zone 2 is invested synchronously similar to Zone 1, but with a higher standard, including anchorage area, passenger area, terminal with full services of air-conditioned lounge, ticket office, communications, television, Internet, operating rooms, ship owners and tourists support; the complex of representative offices, parking, staff building, and garbage area. As being one of the most important harbors in Vietnam, the artificial work has been recognized as Vietnam Record. Tuan Chau Group is currently conducting the procedure on proposing Asian Record Organization for recognizing the port as the largest artificial yacht harbor in Asia. After opening water, the two port will connect each other and have the total length of over 10km. With the total investment capital of more than 10,000 billion dong, Tuan Chau Harbor project is appreciated to be a breakthrough for tourism in Halong Bay.


Tuan Chau artifical port


According to the scheme of the province, that Tuan Chau Harbor is put into operation will contribute to the improving the system of water transportation to serve tourists in Halong Bay travel. In an actual test, and according to the report on operation plan of the Tuan Chau harbor and plan of transferring Halong Bay cruises  from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf, Hon Gai, Cai Dam and other areas to Tuan Chau Harbor in accordance with the guideline of the province. Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen, Chairman of Tuan Chau Group said that Tuan Chau Group would free 6-month service fee for carriers and private tourist ships traveling to Tuan Chau Harbor. In terms of service fee, Quang Ninh People's Committee will decide after a careful counsel between departments, branches, carriers, and investors of Tuan Chau Group. Also, at this meeting, Mr. Do Thong, Vice Chairman of the Permanent People's Committee said that Tuan Chau Group completed the construction and put into operation of the modern port system, which opened great potentials to tourism in Quang Ninh and in Halong. This is the convergence of carriers and ship owners along with Tuan Chau Group to coordinate to develop in the new phase.

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