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Halong XQ embroidered artworks on display

Mon, 03 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 18 Jun 2015 14:24

A gallery space displaying Halong XQ embroidered artworks was launched in Quang Ninh Museum on the occasion of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of UNESCO Recognition to Ha Long Bay as a World Heritage Site. The event attracted many guests to visit.

XQ embroidered artwork exhibition is an activity in series of programs to celebrate the 20th Halong Bay UNESCO Recognition Anniversary (1994 - 2014). Being organized in Quang Ninh Province for the first time, the exhibition created a special space imbued with Hue Imperial Court. The exhibition displayed hundreds of pictures which were meticulously and elegantly embroidered in both two faces. Each product is a unique work of art and totally made by hand. Especially, on the display, visitors had chance to enjoy embroidered landscape pictures and over 100 pictures of Halong Bay elaborately collected from all over the world, which will bring a panoramic view of the heritage from the past to the present for participants. These pictures represent for the unique combination between the XQ hand embroidery arts and paintings through creative and skilled hands of XQ artists and artisans. In addition to the traditional art space "Dreamy Thread" where exhibited jewelries made from thread, there is another space to display Halong artifacts. Visiting the exhibition, visitors were directly guided to try embroidering.


An embroidered picture donated by Mr. Duong Quoc Trung


Not be confined in conventional themes, XQ embroidered artworks is pretty diverse and close to daily life of people with familiar subjects such as landscape pictures, portraits, and pictures reflecting ordinary activities in life. Observing these embroideries, visitors got exciting experiences to learn and discover a process of making an embroidered picture. Mr. Vo Dinh Hoc, Deputy Director of XQ Vietnam Company Limited said: “The opening of XQ Embroidery Gallery in Halong aims to preserve and honor the traditionally embroidery work. The conservation of Vietnam embroidery not only lies in displaying these pictures but also continues to honor the embroidery. Honoring embroidery work also means honoring women. XQ Vietnam Company always desires that through the embroidery work, Vietnamese women will receive more respects.”


Activities in the exhibition


Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Vu Thi Thuy, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh People Committee stated that Halong XQ embroidered artworks would be a cultural space to honor Halong embroidery and contribute to introduce the beauty of this Heritage Site to international friends. On October 30th, the making of a 5.8m-long and 0.6m-wide picture, the biggest two-faced embroidered pictures officially began. It is expected that the picture will be completed during 6 months. After the opening ceremony, the gallery daily opens from 8am to 9.00 pm to serve visitors. Halong XQ Embroidery Gallery is considered as the first stage to introduce embroidered pictures to travelers. Halong City is planning to build an academy with an objective of training professional embroidered artisans for the Quang Ninh Province.

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