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Travel Halong Bay in New Year and experience 8 interesting things

Fri, 02 Jan 2015. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:16

Halong Bay is famous for its natural beauty with emerald beaches, majestic caves, and spectacular mountains. Nonetheless, if travelers do not experience the following suggested activities, your Halong Bay travel may not be completed.


1. Go Kayaking in Halong Bay


Kayaking in Halong Bay


Travel to Halong Bay, it would be a pity if tourists do not explore Halong Bay by kayaking. Sitting on a small kayak and enjoying the beauty of blue sky, emerald water, and picturesque sceneries will be an exciting and not-to-be-missed experience of any travelers visiting Halong. In 2000, National Geographic Adventures voted Halong Bay as one of 25 the world's ideal destinations for kayaking activities. In Halong, it is quite easy for tourists to find kayaks for rent in any cruise terminals or islands. The price for renting a kayak fluctuates from 100,000 to 200,000 VND (from 5 to 10 dollars) per one hour depending on kayak's types.


2. Explore fishing villages in Halong Bay


Cua Van Floating Fishing Village in Halong Bay


Stay away from shimmering electric lights of luxury commercial centers and the hustle and bustle of big cities, tourists can find peace in soul when travelling Halong Bay. Fishing villages in Halong Bay are always peaceful and airy destinations for tourists to relax and release stresses. Some famous fishing villages suggested for travelers are Cua Van Fishing Village, Vung Vieng fishing village, and Ba Hang fishing village. To make Halong Bay trip become more interesting, tourists can rent a boat in Halong tourist wharfs.


3. Overnight in a Halong Bay cruise


Sundeck in Paradise Luxury Cruise


Currently, Halong Bay has many types of cruises including 3-star cruises, 4-star cruises, and 5-star cruises. All of them offer guests a private and clean cabins which are well-equipped with basic amenities to ensure guest's comforts. Depending on your budget, you can choose superior, deluxe, or luxury cruise and have an overnight experience in Halong Bay. This activity will promises to bring travelers unforgettable experiences when you can relax in your private cabin and enjoy a panoramic view of Halong Bay from windows.


4. Savoring the spectacular beauty of Halong from seaplane


 Halong Bay view from seaplane


In September 2014, Seagull Airlines officially launched seaplane services in Halong Bay. The two first seaplanes Cessna Grand Caravan EX appeared in Halong Bay with spacious window will help tourists having another perspective to enjoying the magnificent beauty of Halong Bay from the high altitude. With Halong seaplane services, tourists will have an opportunity to experience a flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay and admire the beauty of the Bay from the high of 500 - 3,000 meters above the sea level. Halong Bay seaplane is a new tourism product of Vietnam with an objective of bringing guests a special and impressive experience.


5. Squid fishing and watching stars


Squid fishing in Halong Bay


Experiencing Halong Bay travel in winter really brings a "paradise" for those who love go fishing. Cold days are ideal time for squid fishing in the Bay. This is one of thrilling experiences that tourists should not ignore when traveling the Bay because tourists can enjoy the shimmering beauty of Halong at night, watch stars, and taste fresh squid.


6. Conquering Halong Bay spectacular cliffs


Halong Bay spectacular cliffs


Halong Bay attracts both domestic and international travelers not only because of its natural beauty but also its diverse rugged terrain. The diverse rugged terrain is a thrilling challenge for tourists who love hiking. If you a follower of this adventure sport, surely, thorny cliffs in Halong Bay will bring you a desire of conquering.


7. Taste Dipped Squid


Halong Dipped Squid


Halong Bay tour will not only offers guests a chance to visit beautiful and natural sightseeing spots but also impresses travelers by its cuisine. When mentioning to Halong specialties, it is a mistake without mentioning Dipped Squid which is made from fresh squid. The thing making a special taste for Halong Dipped Squid is the pounding technique by hand. After being pounded and marinated with some spices, Dipped Squid will be fried until it they turn into yellow color and have fragrance. Thereby, Halong Dipped Squid is eye-catching and delicious.


8. Discover beautiful caves in Halong Bay


Sung Sot Cave - Halong Bay - Vietnam


Thanks to the favor of nature, Halong Bay has the perfect beauty. In addition to blue water, majestic cliffs, Halong Bay is famous for its beautiful and unique caves. Each cave in Halong has an interesting names making tourists curious to discover such as Heavenly Cave, Surprising Cave, Luon Cave, Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Cave), and so on.

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