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20th Anniversary of Halong Bay as Natural World Heritage

Tue, 30 Sep 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:51

On September 24th 2014, a press conference on activities to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Halong Bay recognized as the Natural World Heritage by UNESCO was held by Halong Bay Management Board.

The Anniversary is considered as an important event of politics, culture, and society not only to Quang Ninh Province but to the whole nation. It is a great opportunity to promote the extraordinary beauty of Halong Bay, a natural wonder of the world, to international friends all over the world, thereof to call for collective effort to preserve, conserve and develop the precious values of this rare natural heritage. By this time, activities in the framework of the 20th Anniversary of Halong Bay recognized as the Natural World Heritage have been implemented in accordance with set schedules.

The anniversary will feature a large number of fascinating activities including Photo Exhibition of 8 Wonders of the World in Vietnam; Exhibitions of photographs awarded in the contests of “Photographs of Halong Bay” and “Ideas of Souvenirs of Halong Bay”; Seminars on conservation and development of Halong Bay as a Natural World Heritage; a conference named “Enterprises accompany the heritage”, and several other special activities.


Halong Bay


In addition, Halong Bay Management Board has announced the collaboration with the North Flight Company – Vietnam Helicopter Corporation under the Ministry of National Defense to hold 2 flights on helicopters around Halong Bay in response to the anniversary. Simultaneously, this service will become a new product of Halong Bay tourism in the near future.

The 20th Anniversary of Halong Bay recognized as the Natural World Heritage by UNESCO will take place on November 1st at 30 October Square in Hong Hai District, Halong City. It will be broadcasted live on VTV channel. The program consists of 2 main parts including the ceremony and the art program named “Keeping Halong Green Forever”. Accordingly, the art program “Keeping Halong Green Forever” is expected to be the highlight which features many unique musical and dancing performances.


Sung Sot Cave


To date, events, activities, promotion and advertisement on mass media, banners, slogans, and publications to celebrate the anniversary are being implemented actively by related agencies. In possession of the careful preparation, activities celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Halong Bay recognized as the World Heritage are expected to attract a huge number of tourists and local people to participate in and leave a deep impression on them.

Halong Bay was recognized as the Natural World Heritage on December 17th 1994 for the fascinating beautiful scenery and amazing diverse ecosystem. In 2000, it is recognized one more time by UNESCO for its geographical and geomorphologic values. The Bay encompasses 1,969 islands of various sizes, of which 989 haven been named such as Banana, Small Fish, Tortoise, Nail, Wading Ox, Fighting Cocks, and so on. Halong Bay is really a gigantic exhibition under the hand of nature. 

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