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Smiles of Halong - Trademark of Quang Ninh tourism

Tue, 11 Nov 2014. Last updated Sat, 15 Nov 2014 11:35

From the beginning of November 2014, Quang Ninh Province kicked off a campaign named Smiles of Halong. Through the campaign, Quang Ninh citizens desire to convey a message that Quang Ninh is a land of welcoming smiles and hospitable and courteous people.

During the campaign Halong Smiles, each Quang Ninh citizen from senior leaders to ordinary citizens is a tourism ambassador who always welcomes guests by sincere smiles. This action aims to make Quang Ninh become a hospitable and friendly tourist destination. The satisfaction of visitors is not only an objective but also a driving force to build Halong as an international tourist’s city. To mount the campaign, a clip called "Halong Smile" was shown in an art performance Preserving Green Halong Bay on the occasion of the 20th Halong Bay UNESCO Recognition Anniversary. In the clip, 10 senior leaders of Quang Ninh flashed radiantly smiles and created heart shapes by their hands. After showing, the clip has made positive effects and spillover in the community.


Smiles of Halong


"Happiness and Success bring us smiles. But with smiles, we have happiness, success, and faith. Let's build the smiles of Halong Brand as a World Heritage of human love in order to welcome people that choose Quang Ninh as a place to explore, work, invest and live" – Ms. Do Thi Hoang, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Quang Ninh Province is the first one appearing in the clip. Looking cheerfully in the clip, Ms. Vu Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee shared that Quang Ninh was a land of hospitable people. Let's took a brilliant smile and friendly actions to welcome tourists visiting the province.

Director of Quang Ninh Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Mr. Ha Quang Long was also one of pioneers of Halong Smiles campaign. According to Mr. Long, Quang Ninh is a national and international tourism hub welcoming millions of visitors each year. Actively participating in Halong Smiles is practical actions to attract tourists visiting Quang Ninh. It is also cultural activities to build new and healthy lifestyle in the province. Quang Ninh tourism welcomes tourists by welcoming smiles and sincere heart.


Halong Smile in the 20th Halong Bay UNESCO Recognition Anniversary


In a seminar "Enterprises accompanying with Halong Bay – the World Heritage Site", Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said that recently, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism advocated to build Halong become national tourism brand because the city had full converges and perfect elements to become national tourism brand. “If Angkor Wat is a symbol of Cambodia, Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France, Great Wall is symbol of China, in the next times, when referring to Vietnam, international friends will immediately think about Halong Bay", Mr. Tuan shared. However, to achieve the goal, from now, Quang Ninh needs to build friendly and attractive Halong Brand. Chairman of Quang Ninh Province, Mr. Nguyen Van Doc stated that Smiles of Halong is the beginning of the journey to build Halong Brand. Smiles of Halong is a message, an invitation, and a determination to express the friendliness and the hospitably of Quang Ninh in general and Halong in particular. This campaign promises to be a milestone for comprehensive changes in building Quang Ninh tourism brand, especially in the perception of its citizens to make Quang Ninh become a seductive destinations in Vietnam and the world.

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