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Cu Lao Cham expands tourism space

Fri, 18 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

On April 17th, Mr. Le Van Giang, the Chairman of People’s Committee of Hoi An City has confirmed that Cu Lao Cham tourism space would be expanded. The expansion of tourism space will go along with improvement quality as well as the quantity of services.

Besides Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham is a key destination of Quang Nam province, which has a world biosphere reserve. In spite of having many natural advantages, particularly charming wild beaches such as Huong, Chong, Xep, and Lang beaches…, Cu Lao Cham Island has not exploits fully its potential yet. Therefore, the local Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has researched, implemented fieldwork and made plans to submit to the People’s Committee on developing tourism of this island.        


Beach in Cu Lao Cham


Nonetheless, the tourism expansion also faces some challenges. The first challenge is the dependent situation on electric system from diesel generators which works for 6 hours each day. Secondly, because some beaches have rather narrow sizes, about 50 to 70 meters, it is concerned that the landscape of Cu Lao Cham may be damaged.

Local authorities are scrutinizing strategies to solve those problems but still protect natural landscape of Cu Lao Cham. Accordingly, the province has decided to invest 350 billion dong on a project building national electric system here. This project is the top priority of Cu Lao Cham at present. Besides, functional departments are required to complete plans of tour routes and stops on the island as soon as possible. Especially, some stops will be brought into operation in May 2014.


Cu Lao Cham Island


The quality of services at beaches will be significantly improved. According to the plan, Bai Chong beach is to be built into a luxury tourism area. Bai Chong beach is reported to welcome 25 thousand tourists in 2013. The number of tourists is expected to double and more when the construction is finished. At present, Hoi An Department of Trade and Tourism is researching to rearrange space, organize auctions for restaurants and other business services. The construction has been implemented since the early 2014.  


Chong Beach in Cu Lao Cham


In addition, several activities and festivals will be celebrated to provide tourists a vast choice. Specifically, the upcoming activity named “Cu Lao Cham fisher and island festival” will be held from May 5th to 24th. It is a celebration to honor 15 years of Hoi An to be recognized as Cultural World Heritage and 5 years of Cu Lao Cham to be world biosphere reserve. In the framework of the festival, there will be attractive programs like final song festival “my hometown island”, Cu Lao Cham cuisine festival, and image gallery of “Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, the Vietnamese Islands”.

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