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Music performances held in Hoi An Ancient Town

Fri, 12 Jun 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

In order to create more cultural tourism products, and add venue for periodic artistic events in Hoi An Ancient Town, from May 2015, Hoi An City People's Committee launched two operations as show of two music bands.

To spread music performances in Hoi An Acient Town, one of two music bands will perform at 78 Le Loi Street on Friday nights of the first and the third week monthly. The program is held in the coordination of Sports and Cultural Center and Hoi An Department of Education and Training, along with the participation of pupils. Children will learn and perform Vietnam folk music and traditional music with the piano. This is not only a program to serve tourists, but also a playground for children to show off their talents, bring traditional classic music and chamber music into play.

Another cultural activity also receives the attention of Hoi An residents and tourists is the return of a street music band. After two years of pause, the band will perform at 31 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in Hoi An Ancient Town, on the 14th of every lunar month. The music band often performs famous old melodies with the piano, guitar bass, violon, mandolin, and hacmonica. This is a family music band. Mr. Vo Phung, Director of Hoi An Sports and Cultural Center said that The establishment and implementation the programs in Hoi An Ancient Town not just create, renew Hoi An tourism and cultural products, attract tourists at night, but also the dedication and desire of preserving intangible cultural values to develop a sustainable tourism in Hoi An. This is also an event to promote and promulgate the city's cultural and entertainment promotion.


Japanese Bridge


Not too dignified as Hue Citadel, vibrant as Cholon - Saigon, Hoi An Ancient Town creates imprints in visitors' mind the shy beauty of traditional young woman - extremely pure but passionate and romantic. When cities, urban areas are losing the moonlight by skyscrapers and artificial lights, Hoi An moonlight is still intact. The moonlight makes the old town more beautiful, sparkling and romantic... The scene and magical light in the old town mingled with all music sounds create an exotic attraction of the Hoi An romance. The passionate and romance seems to have become the soul of the ancient town. Tourists can catch the soul and image of romance every where in Hoi An. They are moss green roofs tinted time's color, the shimmering colors of lanterns, sophisticated sculptural wood in houses existing for more than three hundred years, and the elegance of street vendors.


Shimmering Hoi An at night


In particular, the ancient town owns a romance, profoundness and serenity in the magical light of lanterns on the14th night of every lunar month. In the past, if the Vietnamese people are familiar with peanut oil lamp, the Japanese and Chinese people came to Hoi An and brought the habit of using lanterns. Hoi An Ancient Town is more beautiful, more profound and peaceful in the flower candle festival. To preserve the beauty of the cultural heritage, people in Hoi An stop using electrical appliances such as TV, radio, street lights, neon lights on the 14th night of every lunar month. Instead, the entire town will be put on a colorful and warm light layer reflecting from the vivid ribbons through the glass window and paper lanterns along the streets. 

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