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First tour to Hoi An and My Son by helicopter

Sat, 18 Apr 2015. Last updated Mon, 27 Apr 2015 09:25

There is a new tourism service launched in Da Nang - tour to Hoi An and My Son from Da Nang by helicopters. This is a great chance for tourists to be more active in arranging their time and transportation from Da Nang to Hoi An and My Son.

The first tour to Hoi An by helicopter consisted of 6 people is a full-package helicopter and travel service which costs nearly US$ 6,000 for trips from Lang Co (Hue) to Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary (Quang Nam). This trip was organized successfully by a travel company in Da Nang. In the journey, the flight will depart from Lang Co, pass Laguna Lang Co to Hoi An at 9:00. It will arrive at Hoi An Stadium (Quang Nam). Then, visitors travel Hoi An and then take flight to My Son. The helicopter landed at a large space as a festive venue in front of My Son Sanctuary. After visiting My Son Sanctuary, the helicopter service will take passengers back to Laguna Lang Co.

Hoi An Ancient Town

According to the travel agent organizing the service, the total cost of helicopter tour from Da Nang to Hoi An and My Son is about 6,000 USD. The aircrafts used for the service are Airbus Helicopters EC130T2 newly imported by Vietnam Central Helicopter Company in early 2015. This is one of the most modern and luxury helicopters with high safety. The flight crew is well-trained pilots in military with high qualification and experience. These aircrafts will place at Da Nang saltwater airport to implement national security and defense, train, and provide services for travel and charters... Thus, it can meet the increasing demand of tourists. It is said that at the end of April, the service of "admiring Da Nang from high above" by helicopter service with the cost of about 3 million dong/pax will be launched. This is a reasonable rate for all tourists to experience the interesting service in Hoi An tours.

Hoi An Ancient Town is an old city in the downstream of Thu Bon River, belonging to the coastal delta in Quang Nam, about 30km from Da Nang City. Located in the convergence of many rivers before flowing into the South China Sea, in the 17th century, Hoi An was a big commercial port which was a busy trading area with foreign countries. It is obvious that the rule ravages of time never miss anything, but Hoi An is an exception. Entering the ancient town, tourists will be overwhelmed like moving in a world that is separated from the changes of the life outside. There are no bustling sound, no vivid brands here. Old houses, Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoai River, Guangdong Assembly Hall, or Fujian Assembly Hall... all are quietly bearing the colors of nostalgia.

Besides, Hoi An has something that make tourists never forget. The first feeling of many tourists when coming here is serenity. On streets, there are many tourists and street vendors. Yet, the serenity seems not to be disturbed. This creates a taciturn picture of the old town. Houses in Hoi An look like a pipe, including three parts: business area, living area, and worshiping one. Each work has wooden structures, yin-yang tiled roof, and tiled or stone ground. In front of the entrance, there are two round wooden door handle shaped yin-yang or tiger face. Minh An, Cam Pho and Son Phong wards are places where tourists can admire the outstanding architectural style.

My Son Tower

My Son Sanctuary is situated in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, about 69 km from Da Nang City and around 20 km from Tra Kieu ancient capital. It is the complex of numerous Champa tower-temples in a valley roughly two kilometers wide, surrounded by two mountain ranges. This used to be a site of religious ceremony for kings of the ruling dynasties of Champa, as well as a burial place for Cham royalty and national heroes. My Son Sanctuary is regarded as one of the main religious centers of Hinduism in Southeast Asia and is the only heritage in term of temple in Vietnam. With more than 70 architectural remains built from the 7th century to the 13th century, My Son becomes the most important architectural center of Champa Kingdom. The main temples at My Son worship god Shiva under the form of Linga - who protected Champa Kings. The deity being worshiped at My Son is Bhadrésvara - the first King of Amaravati at the end of the 4th century.

The new helicopter tours Central Vietnam will be definitely contribute to the development of tourism in Hoi An in particular and in Quang Nam in general. In addition, tourists will be more active in moving from Hoi An to My Son and vice versa in the tours.

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