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Cua Lo ready for summer tourist season 2014

Tue, 06 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:42

Cua Lo Tourism Festival with the theme “Dawn at Cua Lo” has recently been held to honor the local culture and promote Cua Lo tourism to tourists around the world. It is a prelude to the summer tourist season 2014 of Cua Lo.

On March 12th, a press conference about Cua Lo Tourism Festival 2014 was organized in Hanoi with the participants of representatives of tourism companies, government agencies, and media businesses. Also in this conference, authorities of Cua Lo Town declared the master plan to develop Cua Lo Tourism Festival into a typical festival representing sea tourism of Cua Lo in particular and of Nghe An Province in general.   

In the framework of Cua Lo Tourism Festival, a large number of programs and activities have taken place successfully such as: rituals at Van Loc Temple, traditional boat race competition, folk games, culture-exchange programs between Vietnamese Televisions and Lao National Television, and firework programs. The festival is the prelude to activities of summer tourists season 2014 of Cua Lo. The tourist season will take place from May to August with a series of programs: the second Cua Lo golf tournament, volleyball tournament among provincial colleges and universities, boat competition, food festival in North Central region and so on.


Beautiful Cua Lo Beach


Cua Lo tourist season this year also coincides with the anniversary of 20 years of Cua Lo Town’s establishment. Therefore, preparation requires more interest. Since earlier this year, Cua Lo People’s Committee has directed the work of urbanization, organized training course for individuals and agencies participating in tourism services, and upgraded the quality of accommodation and transportation. The preparation will be completed soon for the opening ceremony of Cua Lo summer tourist season 2014. It is regarded as a opportunity for Cua Lo to promote tourism, expand tours in and out of the province, and attract numerous number of tourists.

In 2013, the number of tourists to travel Cua Lo was 2.12 million, increasing 9.6% compared to that of 2012, of which international tourists were 540 thousand. The revenue from tourism services was 1,460 billion VND, increasing 29.2 % compared to that of the last year. Cua Lo is expected to welcome 2.25 million tourists, of which 550 thousand tourists are foreigners in 2014. The revenue from tourism activities is estimated to reach 1.750 billion VND.


A busy market in Cua Lo Beach


After 20 years of construction and development, Cua Lo is known as an attractive bustling coastal city with modern tourism services, unpolluted environment and hospitable local people. Provincial authorities and local people here are trying to develop Cua Lo into a tourist center of the country with great determination. 

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