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Vietnam museums in top of finest Asian museums

Sat, 12 Apr 2014. Last updated Wed, 06 May 2015 15:42

Three Vietnam museums listed in top museums in Asia include War Remnants Museum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, and Vietnamese Women’s Museum. The results are based on the ratings of tourists via TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is one of the most reputable travel website in the world. Through this website, tourists can find various travel information such as famous destinations, hotels, and other high-quality services all over the world. Vietnam is often named in lists of world top destinations, hotels or historical sites and other services. Recently, three Vietnam museums are named in list of TripAdvisor about the finest museums in Asia. It proves that history of Vietnam and the way Vietnamese people transfer the historical messages to tourists impress tourists a lots.

1. War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is highly appreciated among 25 museums in Asia. It is in the fifth position in the list. As being in series of museums for the sake of world peace, and member of International Council of Museums, the War Remnants Museum is home to collections, storages, protection and displays of documents, images, and artifacts of war remnants. This is also a heroic remnant of Vietnamese people in the course of struggling for independence and national protection. Here, there are over 2000 documents, artifacts and films. Annually, about 500 thousand of tourists visit the museum. It is one of the most outstanding cultural and tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and in Vietnam in general. The museum fascinates tourists by its precious and long-standing values.

2. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Next, ranking No.6 in the list, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is complimented as a place of presenting lively ethnic groups, and history to the real life. The museum is situated in Hanoi. This museum is famous for collections of historical, cultural values of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. Including 1500 artifacts, 42,000 documentary films, pictures and thousands of other documents, the Bronze Drum Building has separately divided areas of different categories and contents. The museum appeals a large number of tourists year on year, especially foreigners. Tourists coming here are immersed in exploring cultural space of Vietnamese people through daily life’s items, and outstanding folk architectures of Rong house, stilt house, and collective tomb, etc.

3. Vietnamese Women’s Museum

Vietnamese Women’s Museum

Last but not least, that is Vietnamese Women’s Museum. The museum ranks the 11th among the best museums in Asia. The museum of Vietnamese women is also located in Hanoi. The museum is home to historical, cultural and artistic values related to Vietnamese women. With a total area of nearly 2000 sq. meter, Vietnamese Women’s Museum possesses over 25 thousand of documents and artifacts reflecting Vietnamese Women’s contribution in history and modern life. The museum is not only a place of researches, storages of Vietnamese women’s heritages, but also of holding activities of cultural exchange between Vietnamese women and international ones.

By virtue of the rating, Vietnamese museums are increasingly defining its role in promulgating Vietnamese Culture to the whole world with their unique and long-standing features.

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