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Honor Vietnam heritages in VITM 2015

Mon, 06 Apr 2015. Last updated Mon, 27 Apr 2015 10:35

Vietnam International Travel Mart is an annual event held in Vietnam on purpose of promoting Vietnam tourism industry. The VITM 2015 organized from April 3 to 6 mainly introduce and promulgate Vietnam heritages recognized by UNESCO.

With the theme of "Vietnam - The Land of Heritages", the year's travel mart concentrates on introducing Vietnam heritages (natural and cultural heritages) recognized by UNESCO and attractive to tourists. Therefore, tourism products in the fair are mainly related to heritages. The VITM 2015 will promulgate Vietnam natural and cultural heritages. Therefore, tourism products in the fair are mainly related to heritages. Through tourism activities, natural and cultural heritages in Vietnam will be widely introduced to international friends, which contribute to promoting the image of country and people with a long-lasting culture, beautiful nature, diverse cuisine, and hospitable locals.

AirAsia booth at VITM 2015

On the opening ceremony of Vietnam International Travel Mart 2015 (VITM 2015), Nguyen Thi Doan, Vice President participated in the event organized by Vietnam tourism Association, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, and Hanoi City's authority. In the third VITM in Hanoi, speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Ho Anh Tuan welcomed and appreciated efforts and proactive of Vietnam Tourism Association in holding the VITM in Vietnam. Over 3 years of organizing, the fair is gradually developing its brand, responsibly and effectively contributing to promulgating and promoting Vietnam tourism. Mr. Ho Anh Tuan stressed that along with the difficulty in world economic recession, Vietnam had to face new challenges directly affecting tourism in Vietnam.

The VITM 2015 is the convergence of 496 booths, including 141 foreign booths of enterprises from 24 countries and continents, and 355 booths of domestic enterprises in Vietnam from 44 provinces and cities. With the number of booths, VITM 2015 will be appreciated higher than VITM 2014 in scale. Vietnam International Travel Mart 2014 only concentrated on promoting inbound, while that of 2015 expands in scale for all kinds of tourism (inbound, outbound, and domestic). VITM 2015 will contribute to creating a trading floor in tourism, not just simply a tourism fair. In addition, Vietnam International Travel Mart 2015 aims to organize a forum to discuss issues of tourism through specialized seminars and meetings.

Booths in VITM 2015

This year, the organizers arrange domestic enterprises' booths and international ones alternately. This helps customers have chances to purchase a full tour package, compare quality, and select tours' rates. Also, Vietnam travel Association coordinated with Vietnam Airlines to establish VITM online. By dint of the system, customers can drop by pages of travel agents to seek, select tours with different criteria; compare, categorize, assess, and evaluate quality of travel companies and their products; purchase and pay for tours by different payment forms. To travel agents, VITM online will help them to take part in an equal competitive environment in tourism product market, simultaneously, promulgate the image of Vietnam to users and partners. If VITM is an annual event taking place in a short period, VITM online will be a travel mart supporting customers all year. The VITM 2015 takes place from April 3 to 6 at Vietnam Expo Center. The organizers predicts there are 3,000 enterprises participating in the mart, and about 65,000 people coming to visit and purchase promotional tourism products.

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