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My own Hanoi

Fri, 01 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:55

Hanoi has for a long time been an ideal destination when referring to Vietnam. Only when feeling each breath of the city, you just realize the hidden charm of the thousand year capital.

It seems to be a little dusty, noisy, small and quite cramped with the daily hustle and bustle life on the line, yet I still love it. Hanoi hides something clinging those who cherish it with their own true feelings and does not let them go. It is likely that almost best songs about Hanoi, especially in the fall, were written by those who do not live in Hanoi or live here in a short time. People who spend their all life here might not realize familiar characteristics of the city. There are actually interesting things that just having to pay much attention, you can feel. Even so, that does not mean people who live here do not have enough emotion to feel and love Hanoi.

Streets of Hanoi

I used to retain a wish to go to Saigon settling after graduating. Yet when having been in Saigon, I just realized that it was not suitable for me, or the fact that I did not fit it. I seemed to be bewildered among the bustling and apparently never sleeping city. I used to be in Singapore, wandering whole night in Orchard Road and jubilantly played in the dorm of the Nanyang Technological University; yet I also had a feeling of getting lost in it. Industrial life and its movement are always rushing as floods. People hustled in their timeline and did not know exactly when it stopped. This life style is not truly suitable for me. Hanoi, on the other hand, maintains a serenity of the capital carrying a small-town atmosphere and a moderate pace of life so that nobody is caught up in with no way out.

Local people do exercises around Hoan Kiem Lake

Each city keeps its own beauty, and people who live there also love it in their own way. Newcomers participating in Hanoi travel must open his heart to admire all these new beauties in each house and each street where they go through. I love Hanoi with the quiet of a sunny summer afternoon, golden sunshine in the autumn, small streets full of milk flower, the early flower stalls in the midst of a suburban girl, and unremitting prolonged summer rains. Hanoi is like a growing village girl gradually getting familiar with a modern life; meanwhile Saigon is an engaging and beautiful lady with a hustling and bustling life. Each city owns its particular life, its unique soul, and its own concern.

Hoan Kiem Lake in autumn

Many Hanoi people today have a common thought: the city now is quite dirty, noisy and sleazy. The dust of the urban life and the rapid transformation of the life lead greater variability in the human heart. Hanoi has lost its own charm which only now recalls memories of songs on Hanoi autumn of Trinh-named musician. Love for Hanoi has become something like nostalgia. There are sometimes irritable as a result of noisy roads, traffic jams, pollution or rapid changes in society that make city lose glamorous appearance; however, when having been far from Hanoi, I extremely remember on its beauty. Hanoians are easy to remember sidewalk noodles stores, remember cold winters with bruised skin, and remember potholes on the roads crisscrossed scars…

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Referring to Hanoi, Trinh Cong Son musician was famous for “Did you remember or have forgotten” (Em con nho hay da quen) “Remember Saigon raining then suddenly rising sun / Remember old city being familiar the name of footsteps”; Hoang Hiep owning “Hanoi in mind” made sobbed many Hanoian’s hearts. No one knows after a few years, our affection for Hanoi had further dented or not; for all that, I believe that this city still hides beauties need exploited. The beauty must sometimes be separated from the daily hustle of life sweeping us into. Making it less sleazy and sloppy, we just could not figure out and realize a tranquil and quiet Hanoi. Hanoi is beautiful, because we live pretty beautiful...

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