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Romance in Hoi An Ancient Town

Fri, 19 Jun 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 13:57

Not too dignified as Hue Citadel, vibrant as Cholon in Saigon, Hoi An Ancient Town creates imprints in visitors' mind with the shy beauty of a traditional young woman who is extremely pure but passionate and romantic.

Not only beautiful sightseeing spots, the passionate and romance seems to have become the soul of Hoi An Ancient Town. Tourists in Vietnam tour packages to Hoi An can catch the soul and image of romance everywhere in the town. They are moss green roofs tinted time's color, the shimmering colors of lanterns, sophisticated sculptural wood in houses existing for more than three hundred years, the elegance of street vendors. In particular, the ancient town owns a romance, profoundness and serenity in the magical light of lanterns on the14th night of every lunar month. In the past, if the Vietnamese people are familiar with peanut oil lamp, the Japanese and Chinese people came to Hoi An and brought the habit of using lanterns.

Hoi An Ancient Town night scene

In Hoi An tours, travelers will be enticed by shimmering colors of lanterns. The initiative of lighting by lantern instead of electrical light from autumn 1988 brought incredible effects. On every 14th night monthly, all daily routine of the serene ancient town come back to the habit of over 300 years ago. Streets from Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Loi and Bach Dang, all modern light turned off, and the entire streets immerse in the shimmering and vivid lanterns' light. When cities, urban areas are losing the moonlight by skyscrapers and artificial lights, in Hoi An, the moonlight is still intact. The moonlight makes the old town more beautiful, sparkling and romantic... In Hoi An, moonlight is seen from every conner. The Moon in Hoi An is not covered by high buildings. Also, there are no colorful advertising lights of billboards. Contemplating the moonlight in Hoi An Old Town is very interesting. Each step of moving, tourists will recognize the different view of the moon as the different town's space and architectures. Once admiring the moonlight in Hoi An, the image will remain forever in tourists' mind.

Lanterns in Hoi An Ancient Town

Although being shone by normal ways, the light of lanterns is gently dim and subtle with time-honored imprints. Colorful lanterns in round and hexagonal shapes with Chinese styles are hung under the terrace roof, and along two sides of the main door. Lanterns in Hoi An with various shapes and colors create a magical and sparking world in Hoi An. This makes Hoi An Town more romantic, which enters the soul of each people here. In an old house, the image of a lady in Ao dai working with the lantern light is created by a simple fish trap. On the pavement, two old men are entice by the Chinese chess in the candle light. Seemingly, people in Hoi An City is still living with nostalgia when the annoyances of modern life have not appeared. That is a wonderful experience in enjoying unforgettable Vietnam holidays in Hoi An.

Children and candle flowers in Hoi An

In Vietnam tours to Hoi An, visitors will recognized that Hoi An Ancient Town is more beautiful, more profound and peaceful in the flower candle festival. To preserve the beauty of the cultural heritage, people in Hoi An stop using electrical appliances such as TV, radio, street lights, neon lights on the 14th night of every lunar month. Instead, the entire town will be put on a colorful and warm light layer reflecting from the vivid ribbons through the glass window and paper lanterns along the streets. In the fairy life, let's check the appearance by tasting some typical local dishes at long-lasting restaurants which remain features of the past.

Hoi An old town romance

At FaiFo Restaurant on Tran Phu Street, lovely and classic lanterns with warm light in the harmony with larger ones in front of the entrance make the restaurant more unique. Unlike FaiFo, the Treated coffee shop has different decoration. At the cafe, the owner has the wooden ceiling gouged and decorated by simple bamboo leaves. The holes on the ceiling with bamboo leaves make interesting lights, creating a unique space of this cafe. Because not all shop holders in Hoi An are brave enough to have their stores' ceiling gouged. Tourists can see lanterns every where in Hoi An Ancient Town.

Depending on the materials of lanterns' outer, the light of lanterns will be different. It can be lucky red, happy yellow, lovely clouded, or cool green. However, it is hard to compare with century-old lanterns kept by local families for a long time. They just show these lanterns in candle flower festival. These lanterns were made of precious wood and meticulously sculptured with a real art work on glass. Famous folk stories are reflected on glass lively and perfectly as a precious picture. When the candle inside is shone, images printed on glass will appear. The scene and magical light of lantern in the old town mingled with all music sounds create an exotic attraction of Hoi An romance.

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