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Top breathtaking attractions in Hue

Fri, 29 May 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:08

Hue City is not just famous for spendid ancient architectures, but also a series of indispensable attractions in Hue. Hue is the land of romantic folk songs, elegent Vietnamese ladies in purple Ao Dai, and breathaking natural senery.

Located in a narrow land in Central Vietnam, Hue is the capital of Thua-Thien Hue Province. The city used to be the capital of Nguyen Dynasty – the last feudal domination in Vietnam. And, the historical relics of the dynasty is well-known as Hue Citdadel – the World Cultural Heritage recognized by UNESCO, as well as one of the most outstanding attractions in Hue. In Vietnam tours to Hue, travelers are not just enticed by historical time-honored tourist sites, but also beautiful and romantic natural landscapes and seascapes. Let’s pop in these beautiful sightseeing and feel all treasure bestowed by the nature here.

Lang Co Bay

Looking to Lang Co from Hai Van Pass

Possessing primitive mountains and an exciting pace of coastal life with bustling atmosphere of boats and ships, Lang Co Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in the world – attracts visitors at the first sight when coming here. On arriving at Lang Co Bay, visitors will be overwhelmed by the turquoise water, yellow smooth sandy beach, and red houses' roofs amid thin fog, along with fishing boats. All creates a very impressive and attractive scenery. Lang Co Bay belongs to Hue, but it is just about 25km from Da Nang to the north. It is the first stopover of any tours in Hue. The bay looks like a sweety greeting of the poetic city. Most of tourists coming to Lang Co are enticed by interesting activities such as fishing, diving, climbing, or exploring jungles, along with tasting delicious seafood and visiting Lang Co fishing village.

Perfume River - Ngu Binh Mountain

Perfume River

For a long time, Ngu Mountain and Perfume River are top things to see in Hue. Being one of typical symbol of Hue, Perfume River and Ngu Mountain are seen as long-lasting couple. They always appear together. Two attractions make people imagine a romantic and poetic scenery with a river winding around mountains and hills. Once visiting Hue, it will not be completed if not having a chance to listen to traditional folk songs on Perfume River. At night, Perfume River appears in peace and romance, creating a strange and special feeling. In Hue tours, travelers can recognize that Ngu Binh Mountain and Huong River create a stunning terrain for this place. Together with Huong River, Ngu Binh mountain is an special gift presented to Hue by nature. The river and the mountain all together created a charming beauty to the Citadel.

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach, Hue

Thuan An Beach with gentle waves and cool turquoise seawater is the place where Perfume River runs to Tam Giang Lagoon, then flows to the South China Sea. In Vietnam tour packages to Hue, travelers, apart from freely immersing in the cool and clear blue water of Thuan An Beach, can hire a rent to make a camp on the beach. That will be an ideal chance for travelers to contemplate the sea at night with serenity and magic. In addition, travelers have an opportunity to taste fresh and delicious seafood dishes, which makes the trip more interesting and unforgettable.

Nhi Ho Waterfall

Nhi Ho Waterfall belongs Hoa Mau Hamlet, Loc Tri Commune, about 45km to the south of Hue City, about nearly 4km from National Route 1A. Nhi Ho Waterfall is a marvelous "masterpiece" of the Nature. Water from the fall flows down, and forms two lakes beneath. For a long time, Nhi Ho attracts a large number of tourists, especially the youth. Travelers coming here to escape the summer heat, immerse in the nature, and enjoy various local specialties. Specifically, the location of Nhi Ho Waterfall is convenient for travelers to visit other attractions such as Truoi Dam, Elephant Stream, and Lang Co.

Ham Rong Beach

Situating at Vinh Hien Commune in Phu Loc District, Ham Rong Beach is an indispensable stopover in Hue travel. Once coming here, travelers always want to drop by again. Although Ham Rong Beach has not been famous as Lang Co Beach, Canh Duong Beach, and Thuan An Beach, it has a beautiful location with the appearance of Linh Thai Mountain of nearly 800 meters, evergreen jungles winding the beach. Here, there are three beaches of Ham Rong Beach, Dong Duong Beach, and Dam Beach. Besides, the seawater of Ham Rong Beach is always turquoise and spotted by a stone field of all sizes, which creates a beautiful natural scenery. Travelers can freely immerse in the cool water, relax, and release all stress.

Bach Ma Mountain

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma Mountain or Bach Ma Mountain Ranage is a beautiful mountain chain in Bach Ma National Park. It is the natural border between Hue Province and Da Nang City. Coming to Bach Ma, apart from admiring the immense primitive area and the majestic Bac Ma Mountain, travelers have a chance to visit a very diverse natural world. Specifically, standing on the peak of Bach Ma Mountain, travelers can contemplate the entire spectacular view of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Cau Hai Lagoon, and shimmering Hue City at night – top points of interest in Hue.

Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang lagoon - Hue

Being famous as the biggest lagoon in South East Asia, about 12km from Hue City, Tam Giang Lagoon belongs to Phong Dien District, Quang Dien District, and Huong Tra District. The lagoon brings in itself a pristine, serene and hard-to-resist beauty. Travelers popping in Tam Giang never want to miss a chance to contemplate the beauty of Tam Giang Lagoon at dawn. That is an amazing and unique moment when ending a day tour in Hue.

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