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Da Nang - Hoi An and my 22-year-old trip

Fri, 25 Apr 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:03

Several years later, I probably cannot forget Da Nang Hoi An trip when I was 22. It is happy to have something nice to remember such beautiful springs like that.

In spring when I was 22, I was planning my first alone-trip in my life. I did not want to call it “travel”, I just wanted to call it “trip” to be simple. Just the feeling of preparing all by myself made me excited. There is something curious, anxious, nervous but interesting in me. But after the trip, I found out that feeling was nothing compared to wonderful latter events.

Once going down at Da Nang airport, I did not stop but caught a bus to Hoi An Ancient Town for the sparkling night “Nguyen Tieu”, the festival night of Hoi An. It was raining cats and dogs when the bus stopped at the last station.

Hoi An Ancient Town

My friend, a German, was standing there waiting for me. Luce came to Hoi An in a short international course and had lived in Vietnam for 2 months. He always proudly told me that 2 months was enough for him to visit every lane in Hoi An and even some interesting places nearby. Therefore, he became my tour guide.

Lanterns in Hoi An Ancient Town

It was raining from time to time during 2 days I stayed there. Hoi An in my mind was peaceful, “slow” and quiet with ancient blocks of houses. In night, Hoi An was sparkling in candlelight of lanterns in front of stores and restaurants. In the next morning, Luce picked me up at my hotel. He and I cycled around Hoi An. Despite raining, it was an unforgettable memory thanks to endless stories about culture, the love, friendship, the past and the future. I left Hoi An in the afternoon. I went back to Da Nang to continue my trip. Luce stayed in Hoi An to finish the course. Goodbye Luce. Goodbye Hoi An! Hope to see them both in a sunny day.

Inside Cham Museum

After leaving Hoi An, I visited Cham museum and some other place. Museums were truly new to me. I had the feeling of being lost in a whole new culture. Arriving in Da Nang, I called another friend. She drove me around Da Nang then stopped for a walk along Han River. Different from Hoi An, Da Nang City was more modern and bustling. Standing on Thuan Phuoc Bridge, we contemplate the beauty of Han River in the night, watching lines of people and telling each other interesting stories.

Da Nang Bridge at night

I spent more time in Da Nang than planned because there were many attractions I could not help visiting: Ngu Hanh Son or Marble Mountain, Linh Ung Temple in Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hills, Phap Lam Temple and so on. Each place owned a distinctive beauty.

One of many buddha disciples at the temple on Monkey Mountain - Linh Ung Pagoda

In the morning I left Da Nang to go back to Hanoi, my friend took me to train station. A close hug and a goodbye wave made me reluctant to leave. It turned out that the feeling when I said goodbye to my friends was the most beautiful moment in each trip.

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