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Hoi An Mid-Autumn Festival so fab to join

Fri, 29 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:51

Whenever Mid-Autumn comes, tourists from everywhere flock to Hoi An Ancient Town to enjoy amazing air of a traditional festival. Brilliant lanterns and colorful baskets in this poetic old town allure anyone having a chance to be involved in such even.

Cultural tourism has been blooming in Vietnam tours in recent years. One of the amazing cultural destination in this country is Hoi An – once a cradle of old culture and glorious history in Central Vietnam in particular and Vietnam in general. This old town is also a fascinating venue of many outstanding traditional festivals in Vietnam, especially Mid-Autumn Festival. Having a chance to immerse in the vivid space of the festival in Hoi An is an unforgettable memory once in a lifetime.

Mid-Autumn Festival is annually celebrated on the 15th day of the eight month in lunar calendar. This is one of four most important festivals in Vietnam. Though Mid-Autumn Festival is held countrywide, but it may be more gorgeous and splendid when taking place in Hoi An. For those who adore discovering Vietnam traditional culture, visiting Hoi An and joining this cultural event may be a great option in Vietnam tour packages.

Lanterns in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An has been well-known for being the home to a wide range of charming lanterns in all sizes and shapes. Colorful lanterns are hung in front of shops in this town for purchasing and lightening. However, when the August full-moon festival comes, Hoi An seems to be more impressive as being decorated by many shimmering and equitized lanterns along streets, creating marvelous and magical scenery here. In Hoi An, this festival takes place more uniquely with many interesting and exciting activities. Local people often prepare for this event for several days before. The festive atmosphere spreads throughout Hoi An with various activities such as worshipping, preparing offerings, Unicorn dancing performance, making lanterns and Moon Cake, etc.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Coming to Hoi An in this occasion, tourists will be overwhelmed by brilliant and colorful lanterns in all sizes and shapes with striking decorative patterns, appealing Moon Cake boxes and diverse traditional toys especially star-shaped lanterns which has been known as an icon of the festival in Vietnam. Besides, tourists have an opportunity to understand more about the traditional custom of Vietnamese people in this festival, which is one of the most fantastic experiences of tourists in Vietnam travel.

The main festive moment happens in the evening when the Moon is beautiful and round most. First, local people will prepare offerings to worship the Moon; then all will share together the Mid-Autumn feast including moon cakes, candies and fruits, etc., along with enjoy unicorn dancing shows and lanterns parades. In the feast, adults drink wine, enjoy the moonlight and sing traditional Vietnamese folk songs, while young people and children join lantern parades, unicorn dances, singing songs of Mid-Autumn, and enjoy sweet feast prepared by their parents. Seemingly, Mid-Autumn Festival attracts the attention of children most. They are lured into rainbow lanterns, unicorn dancing shows, and gifts given by their parents. The atmosphere is so glorious.

Japanese Bridge

Mid-Autumn in Hoi An is really extraordinary. Hoi An Ancient Town, without enlightened by electric lights, is just shimmering with colorful lanterns along streets near Japanese Bridge and Hoa Đăng (decorated baskets) on Thu Bon River. Bustling but not noisy, Mid-Autumn Festival fascinates thousands of residents and tourists from everywhere to gather in Hoi An Ancient Town, and lure into the romantic but exciting atmosphere here. Moon cakes shops are furnished with the light of lanterns. There is boisterous drum’s sound of unicorn dancing shows here and there. The feeling of moving step by step and watching avidly sparkling lanterns on streets will be salvaged in tourists’ mind forever. It strikes someone as he was joining a traditional and primeval Mid-Autumn.

Apparently, modern toys or professional unicorn dancing teams are not preferred in Mid-Autumn in Hoi An. Hoi An people are rustic and simple, they adore traditionally decorated baskets and paper lanterns, which proves that this is the oldest town in Vietnam – the unique cultural heritage. Coming to Hoi An in Mid-Autumn Festival, do not forget to drop a Hoa Đăng and pray for the best things, as wishes will be sent along with the flow of rivers and become true. What is more delightful if tourists can both enjoy awesome Vietnam holidays and “check out” the religious and cultural customs of Vietnamese people?

Hoi An Fairy Tale Atmosphere

The present-day eigenvalues ​​of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An is formed on the basis of traditional indigenous Vietnam culture in the harmony with Chinese – Japanese one. They still conserve intact elements. In addition, these values are supplemented by traditional, modern, and featuring cultural activities. The festival also creates rich, diverse, vibrant, and attractive activities for young generation, but remains time-honored characteristics. They are both profound educational features for peace-loving youth towards compassion and cultural values ​​of human eternity.

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