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Mui Ne cuisine Capriccio Italian restaurant Part 1

Wed, 07 May 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:01

Mui Ne is well known for not only charming landscapes but also for cuisine. Capriccio is truly an ideal restaurant for those who want to enjoy Italian food in Mui Ne while contemplating the beauty of beaches here.

There are a large number of tourists visiting Mui Ne for playing golf, surfing, swimming and sunbathing. Frankly, I have to confide that I am bad at both golf and swimming and quite afraid of sun also. However, last summer I excitedly prepared for my trip to travel Mui Ne, not for leisure activities but because of cuisine there.

The 6-hour trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne made me tired. My companion even made me more exhausted by talking not less than 18 times about his love for original Italian pizza. Therefore, after taking a rest in hotel for some hours, we decided to go to a street famous for Western cuisine in Mui Ne to enjoy pizza as he desired. Going along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, I could count hundreds of restaurants with dozens of cuisine styles of countries all over the world. The majority of tourists were professionals on food so only restaurants with high-quality dishes could stay on that street. We chose a restaurant named Capriccio of which meaning could be interpreted as “abnormality” or “arbitrary”.

Unique funiture in Capriccio Italian restaurant

The first impression the restaurant left on me was pretty good. All furniture are made of wood and covered with white cloth above. The restaurant was arranged half inside the house and half on the outside pavement. With that layout, it satisfied both tourists who were interested in sunshine and sea wind and who preferred quietness. Capriccio evoked elegancy, comfort and warmth.

My friend ordered Quatro formaggi, a pizza with 4 kinds of fromage, while I ordered linguine with seafood sauce. To prepare such dishes, the restaurant’s chefs spent about 20 minutes. We, however, did not feel like waiting because we were busy enjoying appetizers that the restaurant gave diners as a present. Appetizers included crispy bread served with butter mixing with aromatic grass, tomato sauce, and fresh strange vegetables that I did not know their names.

Colorful dish in Capriccio Italian restaurant

My friend’s pizza was very large but fragrant and greasy. After struggling to finish the pizza, he commented that it was delicious but not really impressive. I did not feel strange because he was too fastidious about pizza. My linguine was not too much. It was presented in a deep plate and covered with pesto sauce mixing with squid. It flavor was the combination of greasy sauce, crispy pasta and fresh squids. It should be noted that like any Italian restaurant, in Capriccio, pasta is a little crispy rather than soft. Therefore, if you preferred the softer one, you had better remind the waiter.

Drink Capriccio Italian restaurant

The total cost of a meal for two people was over 600 thousand VND. Compared to other restaurants, the price of Capriccio was a little higher but we thought that such price was equal to its scene, services and quality of foods. Many Italian diners we came across even complimented that Capriccio was better than several restaurants in their homeland.

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