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Mui Ne cuisine Sindbad kebab restaurant - Part 2

Fri, 09 May 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:00

Mui Ne is a wonderland of all kinds of foods over the world. Restaurants of any culinary style from the East to the West made Mui Ne cuisine. Kebab is extremely favored here and Sindbad restaurant is an ideal place to try it.

After a morning lying on the beach and sunbathing, my friend decided that our lunch would be celebrated at a kebab restaurant on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street named Sindbad. He said that it was the most famous kebab restaurant in Mui Ne.

Sindbad was really an interesting place in my trip to travel Mui Ne. It was not too large, but enough for 20 diners. The restaurant was somewhat like a cute small kebab restaurant near the beach in Western nation, the country of kebab. The main tone of the restaurant was yellow, a kind of lemon yellow which made diners feel comfortable. However, the most outstanding feature was that kebab and doner here remained their original flavor. All classic kinds of kebab like Shawarma, Shish kebab, Shish taouk, Doner kebab were available here.

Shish taouk

I ordered Shish Taouk which consisted of 3 chicken breast skewers roasted green peppers, cabbage salad, tzakizi sauce made from yogurt, cucumber and garlic, and 4 pieces of pita bread. I spent 69 thousand VND on that serving, a reasonable price for such a big lunch. My friend ordered Doner kebab with chicken sandwich which included pita bread stuffed with chicken, cabbage salad, and yogurt sauce. This serving’s price was quite lower than mine, only 35 thousand VND. In my opinion, kebabs of the restaurant were pretty delicious. Pita bread was crispy and soft while still kept the fragrance of flour and sesame. Chicken was done to a turn that it tasted sweet and soft. Salad mixing with tzakizi sauce made the flavor of vegetable more fresh and greasy.


We were so stuffed that we could not try anything else, though the restaurant offered up to 10 appetizers and 6 salads. But there a pity that may be due to small space, diners could not have the opportunity to watch spectacular skewers rotating slowly in the oven like other kebab restaurants. However, the sizzle and the greasy fragrance of barbecue coming out from the kitchen made diners excited.

I asked a Vietnamese girl in my group how doner kebab was different from Vietnamese burger. She told me that the price of a Vietnamese burger was much lower than a doner kebab in such a foreign restaurant. However, pita bread of doner kebab was thicker, crispier and made diners full for longer time. Kebab had more pork, vegetable and sauce also. Besides, Vietnamese breads were sold in stalls on pavements therefore there was no luxurious seat for chatting and talking like in Sindbad restaurant Mui Ne. If I had chance, I wanted to try Vietnamese bread also.

Kvass, a kind of Russian drink

Tasty doner kebabs and charming scene might be main factors to bring success to Sindbad. When eating in Sindbad, you should order kvass, a kind of Russian drink, to serve with kebab. Sindbad is truly an ideal restaurant for those who want to try a new culinary style of fast-food.

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