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Ba Be Lake recalls a memorable experience

Thu, 10 Apr 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:08

Located in the Northern Vietnam, Ba Be Lake is praised as a fairy lake among mountains. It is lucky to have the opportunity to contemplate the picturesque beauty of one of the most wonderful sceneries in Vietnam.

For some people, travel is time for relaxing and enjoying luxurious services. For me, travel is the concept of coming to high mountains or diving into the deep sea to explore the true undamaged beauty of nature. We call it “mortification journey”. However, if it is not for those “mortification journeys”, our lives are so boring. The trip to Ba Be in Bac Kan of Vietnam may be the most memorial experience in our travel lives.

The plan of the trip to Bac Kan was absolutely improvised. The vehicle we chose was motorbike because of its maneuver and convenience. Another reason for motorbike was that we could stop at any time to take photos or simply enjoy a beautiful moment when seeing the superb Vietnam. Backpacks were prepared carefully for the journey with only essential personal items, a map and a little money.   

Travel to Ba Be National Park by Motorbike

We departed at 8 a.m, heading to the Highway 3. After 2 hours, we reached Thai Nguyen province. We called it a day at a tea shop in the center of Thai Nguyen City. In the resting time, we decided to visit Nui Coc Lake, a famous tourist attraction there. The lake was beautiful and poetic like the romantic love story of a beloved couple who created this lake. After the sudden visit to Nui Coc Lake, we continued the trip to Bac Kan. When arriving in Bac Kan at 4 p.m., I felt lonely and strange some how because of being born in the city, I was not familiar with the peaceful atmosphere in villages. By virtue of coming in the late afternoon, I had the opportunity to contemplate the sunset in the mountain. The mountainous sunset is totally different from that of the sea. Although the sun went down for a long time, the sunlight still hidden somewhere behind clouds or mountain ranges, shining after that.

Ba Be Lake overview

From the center of Bac Kan, we had to keep going about 50 kilometers to reach Ba Be Lake. The time we got to the final destination of the trip is about 10pm. The trip might be rather long and tired but when seeing the main entrance of Ba Be National Park, we still felt so excited. The night atmosphere in Ba Be was so cool and tranquil that it made my mind go blank for a while.

Ba Be national park

It was until the next morning that we had the chance to visit our dream attraction. Ba Be Lake was enormously wide and especially clean. Surrounding it were superb mountain ranges.  We hired a large boat with 300 thousand VND to visit around the lake. The first impression was that there were so many butterfly species there. Butterflies flied one after another in a long line around rocky mountains. It could be said that Ba Be Lake was similar to a minimized Ha Long Bay or Cat Ba Island but still different somehow. Sometimes you could come across buffaloes bathing in shallow water areas. Sometimes you could see a fishing boat of local people gliding between waves of the lake.

Tay ethnic group

Our boat kept going until we get to a village of Tay ethnic group in the foothill. We got out of the boat to climb a fall. The scenery was peaceful with bamboo domes above and a small lane along the lake of which one side was corn fields and the other was an ethnic village. On the way back, we visit an attraction named Ao Tien (the fairy lake), a lake located on the top of limestone mountain. The lake was small, calm and tranquil. Alongside the lake was forest. The space was so quiet that we could hear the sound of a leaves falling down into the lake.

Homestay in Bac Kan

Visiting Ba Be Lake, you should choose “homestay” service in Tay ethnic houses in Pac Ngoi village with a reasonable price from 20 to 50 thousand VND. They will offer you with unique specialties that can be found no where else. It is also suggested to hire a boat to sail around Ba Be Lake, visit Ba Goa island, Dau Dang Fall, and Ao Tien. It will be the time for you to be immersed in a special peaceful space. To explore Ba Be National Park, trekking is greatly interesting. Ba Be is truly breathtaking for its natural undamaged sceneries and also for the love of each tourist to visit this “sea on mountain” as well.

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