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Squid fishing at Cua Lo beach for one night

Thu, 10 Apr 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:41

Cua Lo is among beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Not only deep blue seawater, the beach also offers the diversity of many interesting services and activities. Squid fishing at Cua Lo beach has become a favorite service.

Nowadays, Cua Lo not only attracts visitors with its beautiful deep blue seawater but also the diversity of many interesting services and activities. Recently, squid fishing at night in Cua Lo beach has become a favorite service for both domestic and international visitors. Squid fishing at Cua Lo Beach was really an awesome night during my travel to this charming beach.

Fishing squid at Cua Lo beach

At sunset on the beach, I decided to take a small basket boat which made from woven bamboo with a young guy who has 4 year of experience of quiz fishing. The basket boat lurched right and left but if you stick with the boat side, you will be familiar with this feeling.

Fishing squid at Cua Lo beach

After 15 minutes of sailing, the boat was anchored and the young guy began to introduce me about squid fishing. According to him, either fishing or squid fishing requires the patience and ingenuity, and squid fishing requires you the mental toughness to not get dizzy caused by the waves. How to fishing quid is an easy process but it is not easy for the amateurs, just like me. A piece of lead which is painted with different colors is attached to the fish hook.

Fishing squid at Cua Lo beach

The most important factor is light. We used manchon light for intensive brightness and turned it to the maximum level to catch the attention of squids. With the guides of the young guy, I controlled the rod carefully and made some attractive movements with the plastic bait to “call” squid. I kept embedding the bait under the water and waited for my luck. That was great when I saw many bright pink squids. How lucky I was!

grilled squid

Interestingly, I could enjoy the squids on the basket boat. The young guy helped me to make “grilled squid”. We took the advantages of the heat from the manchon light by putting a frying pan on it. I could not describe the joyful feeling of eating delicious fresh sea squids with chili sauce and watching the performance of colorful lights on the dark sea. That was my best memory during my time in Cua Lo Vietnam.