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Cu Lao Cham a natural island part 2

Wed, 11 Jun 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:58

Well known for many wonderful attractions and amazing seafood cuisine, Cu Lao Cham Island is becoming one of the most attractive destinations in the Central Vietnam. A real trip visiting here will prove that fact.

On the way back from Bai Chong Beach, we visited Hai Tang Temple. The Pagoda leaned against the mountain, overlooking a small valley, also the only rice field in Cu Lao Cham. The Pagoda was well known for keeping a large ancient brass bell carved with dragons. Thanks to those dragons, the bell was thought to be much older than the temple itself. The scenery of the temple was so tranquil and spectacular that I spent a couple of hours contemplating that natural beauty.

Hai Tang pagoda in Cu Lao Cham

In the evening, we had diner together with our hosts. They offered us a sumptuous feast with grilled fishes, sour fish soup, fried squids, cucumber sauce and sautéed vegetables. Through talk with our hosts, we learned more things about lifestyle and culture of local people here.

Because of having an exhausted day, we went to bed right after the diner. In the next morning, we woke up early to admire the sunset on beach, breath fresh air and enjoy the tranquility of an island village. After that, we walked to Tan Hiep market to have a breakfast. Finishing our breakfast, we decided to visit quay, an indispensible attraction in Cu Lao Cham tour, for a diving experience. With only 30,000 for one person, we were fully equipped with safety equipments and accompanied by a lifeguard. The feeling of touching soft coral reefs and watching colorful fishes swimming about in front of eyes made me forget the fear gripping me when I just jumped down.   

Village on Cham Island

My trip to Cu Lao Cham Island offered me the chance to enjoy many amazing fisheries that I had never tried before including several strange species of snails, crabs, shrimps and fishes. A species could be processed into various dishes so there were hundreds of dishes made of fisheries in Cu Lao Cham cuisine menu. For example, stone crabs could be made into many dishes like beer steamed crab, fried crab with salt and stone crab vermicelli… For me, the most delicious dish was still beer steamed crab. The meat of stone crab was sweet and little bit tough, so it was the perfect combination with fresh vegetable and lemon pepper sauce. Stone crab was not sold in kilogram but priced per item. The price fluctuated from 8000 to 10,000 VND. Only with 80,000 you would have a full seafood feast.

Dive Boat at Cham Island

Finishing 2 days in Cu Lao Cham, I came back to Da Nang city. In spite of having visited all interesting attraction here, I still felt nostalgic. Definitely in the next trip to Vietnam, I will choose Cu Lao Cham as my top priority destination again. 

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