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Cu Lao Cham the place of nostalgia

Tue, 29 Apr 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:03

Cu Lao Cham, with spotless white sands, fresh air and delicious seafood, is an ideal destination for those who want to escape from the stifling of the city and the pressure of working life.

In recent days, the heat of the North along with the huge amount of work made me feel extremely stress and tired. When my mind virtually exploded, I decided that it was time for relaxing to regain the balance of my life. After arranging my personal work and completing responsibility with the company, I asked my boss for permission for some days off. I started to plan for my trip. Where would I go? There was no need to think about. The sea, of course! Just the thought of playing on sand banks, swimming in the cold water was so wonderful. So I took a flight to Da Nang, right after finishing preparation. In recent years, Da Nang was well known for the most endurable city in Vietnam with several majestic beaches of which one was listed in the top 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Arriving Da Nang, I chose a hotel near the beach which had a moderate price. Staying in Da Nang for one day, I booked a tour to Cu Lao Cham in Hoi An because since I was a child, I always had a dream of exploring lives of islanders one day.

Cu Lao Cham Panorama

At 8 am in the next morning, a car of the tourism company I booked picked me up at my hotel. On the way to Cu Lao Cham, we were introduced about interesting things of Da Nang and the island we would visit by a friendly tour guide. At half past 9 am, we arrived at Cua Dai port, going on a canoe and beginning the trip. Twenty minutes on the high-speed canoe from the port to Cu Lao Cham Island was so great.

Ong Beach in Cu Lao Cham

Reaching Bai Ong, our tour guide took us to visit the Cu Lao Cham marine protected area. We were also introduced about the origin of the ancient well of Cham people, the Hai Tang ancient temple which had existed for 250 years, and daily lives of local people there. Then was the time for us to contemplate corals and enjoying fresh seafood dishes. The dish I loved the most was fried wild-forest vegetable. Being immersed in Cu Lao Cham beautiful and tranquil, I seemed to forget all my worries and pressure of my working life.

Dive Boat at Cham Island

After the lunch, I spent time walking alone on the beach, breathing the fresh air and feeling the brisk wind of the sea. I could not find such peaceful moments in the city. At 3 pm we came back to the port. Still the same canoe, however, brought a different feeling. It was the feeling of nostalgia. The trip had wakened up the love for nature and country inside my self. Cu  Lao Cham, good bye! I would definitely come back one more time.

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