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Nha Trang cuisine and my experience in Lousiane Brewhouse

Fri, 02 May 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:02

Nha Trang is an attractive city for cuisine-exploring lover. Nha Trang Cuisine is the perfect mixture of Vietnam and Western cuisine. Lousiane Brewhouse is an ideal restaurant for tourists to enjoy western foods in Nha Trang.

I have a great love for food. When travelling to any destination, the thing I’m interested in the most is cuisine there. One of places that leave me deep impression is Nha Trang. Nha Trang is well known for not only seafood specialties but also for luxury restaurant serving different culinary styles. And in my last trip to Nha Trang, I was lucky to experience the Western culture in Nha Trang cuisine.

Nha Trang might be considered a global city with a wide variety of restaurants serving all kinds of food, namely, Italian, French, Spanish, American, Canadian, Japanese, Switzerland, Chinese and Korean. Popular restaurants in Nha Trang were The Square, Texas BBQ, Feast, Lousiane Brewhouse, Toastina, Beach, Hanabusa, La Taverna, Baraco, Tarantino, Good morning Vietnam, Grill House, Le petit, Bistro, Stream N’Spice and so on.

Western food in Lousiana Brewhouse

My friend took me to Lousiana Brewhouse, a restaurant on the spotless white sand of Nha Trang Beach. In possession of a large area enough for hundreds of tourist, luxury swimming pool and a nice view, that restaurant was a favored address of both tourists and local people. Another interesting thing there was that the restaurant also opened classes teaching water sports, beauty services, and massage. The restaurant’s menu was full of Asian and European dishes. To try both, we ordered “basic” dishes of each cuisine: Salad Nicoise of French (salad, eggs, tuna and anchovies), German sausages (sausages and mashed potatoes), Italian Pepperoni pizza (sausage and fromage Mozarella), fried Vietnam rice with pepper, and Australian diced beef. General speaking, each dish was delicious in its own way. My friend loved Salad Nicoise the most. In my opinion, it was a little greasy and I was not interested in tuna much. For me, the most delicious food was Vietnamese fried rice. Although the cost for a meal like that was rather expensive, my friend and I totally agreed that it was deserved to spend money. In warm golden light, we happily enjoyed our great dinner and contemplated the beauty of the beach in night.

Japanese food in Lousiana Brewhouse

In particular, my friend and I tried 4 different beers including Lousiane Pilsener, Dark Lager, Witbier and Red Ale. Lousiana Pilsener had golden yellow and floral scent; Dark Lager had mysterious black and chocolate flavor; Witbier’s flavor was similar to that of orange combined with cilantro; and Red Ale impressed me with passionate red-brown and fruity flavor.

Beer in Lousiana Brewhouse

Lousiane Brewhouse could be regarded as a miniature example of globalization. Decoration there was the perfect combination of the Eastern and the Western culture. My friend recommended that the restaurant was an ideal place to relieve stress when needed. Sitting alone surfing the Net, enjoying a cup of filter coffee and contemplating wonderful blue sea may be the best way to relax in such busy working life.

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