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Name most ideal rendezvous in Nha Trang

Fri, 10 Oct 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:46

Nha Trang has long been renowned as one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam tourism. The charming natural scenery, temperate climate together with interesting sights, and islands with pristine beautiful beaches strongly attract tourists.

Immerse Nha Trang waters

Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang

The beauty of Nha Trang Beach is considered as a vivid and magic ink-washing painting that nature has created. Tourists once participating in Vietnam travel to Nha Trang will find hard to forget the gentle and poetic beauty that Creator has favorably bestowed the coastal city. Looking Nha Trang coastal city from above, tourists will have a chance to admire all the beauty of this romantic city... The beach curving embraces the emerald bay along with seaside coconut groves murmuring in the wind increasingly promote the flawless beauty of the warm, cool, calm waters... Beaches with fine white sand stretching the beautiful island off-shore..., magic coral reefs beneath the waters... actually make tourists feel ecstatic one setting foot iu this wonderland.

Referring Nha Trang Beach, it will be a big deficiency if Nha Trang Bay is not mentioned. It is a wonderful bay with an area of 500km², including 19 large and small islands. Most prominently, Hon Tre Island is the largest island owning an area of 3,250 ha and the smallest island is Hon Noc with about 4 ha area. Running along the 7 km long coast of Nha Trang Bay is Tran Phu Street - the most beautiful street in Nha Trang winding the coast with many beautiful villas, high-end hotels, and luxury restaurants interconnected. In addition, a system including postal services, museums, libraries, clubs, shops selling souvenirs is also perfectly implemented.

Hon Chong romantic scenery

Hon Chong Cape in Nha Trang

Hon Chong is one of the attractive sights in Nha Trang coastal city (Khanh Hoa). Most of tourists to the attraction are extremely excited to hear the stories around the population of Hon Chong rock. Running along the coast towards the northeast from the city center, tourists will set foot on Hon Chong. Path to Hon Chong now is credibly dreamy thanks to a side of waters with golden sands stretching, and other side of the beautiful architectural works which is always busy passersby. Located jutting into the sea, Hon Chong space nearly separates from the bustle of the urban life. Additionally, it is also one of the most sights which tourists can admire whole panoramic view of the coastal city. 

Going to Hon Chong, tourists can comfortably sit on the rocky promontory to fish out or move a few meters of the shore to bathe in smooth sands and gentle blue waters. Beaches in Nha Trang Bay and Hon Chong scenic sight are considered one of the safe and beautiful bays.

In particular, to look for a beautiful location overlooking Nha Trang City, the population of Hon Chong - La San Hills is probably a great choice. Standing on Hon Chong, tourists can contemplate Hon Yen from afar, Cau Da Port on the right, Hon Tre Island and Nha Trang coast up to 6 km in sight. Hidding Lasan Hills are Nha Trang estuary and Cu Lao fishing landings. Viewing from Hon Chong are Co Tien Mountian in the other side and Hon Do Island in the distance. 

Vinpearl Land - tourism paradise

Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang - Swimming pool

Vinpearl Land stronly attracs tourists thanks to the breathtaking beauty and tourist paradise with attractive services in the most modern of Vietnam tourism. Reaching Vinpearl Land, tourists can travel by boat or canoe, yet the most optimal and popular choice is cable car. What will be much more excellent than sitting on a cable car admiring stunning panorama of Nha Trang Beach. Particularly, the feeling in the cable car on the beach is far different from the cable car on the mountain. Taking the cable car to Vinpearl Land, tourists will enjoy unforgettable emotions with the airy space in the morning, cool feeling in the noon, and gently relaxation at night. Here, tourists can simply contemplate the immense space of Nha Trang city right from the cable car.

In particular, the most impressive for tourists is underwater aquarium. It is a large and modern aquarium in Vietnam. Visiting the aquarium will offer tourists to feel like walking in the ocean and admiring firsthand the beautiful and precious marine species. Furthermore, Vinpearl Land tourism is highly appreciated thanks to the complex of perfect entertainment, travel and relaxation.  Going to Vinpearl Land today actually make tourists feel comfortable. The name of Vinpearl Land will certainly be landmark on the journey to conquer the exciting destinations.

Hon Mun Island - Unique Marine Protected Area in Vietnam

Hon Mun Island - Nha Trang

Ecosystems of marine flora and fauna is extremely abundant here. According to the statistics, Hon Mun owns 1,500 species of coral and marine life among 2,000 species over the world. Ocean world surrounding Hon Mun is tremendously awesome. In particular, Hon Mun seabed is a complex of priceless and abundant marine organisms. It is also home to observation, research for marine researchers, oceanographers and tourists looking for ascertaining about sea creatures. Diving down the seawater, tourists will be actually overwhelmed by a completely different world, a shimmering, colorful and fanciful paradise. They will have a chance to admire "untouched coral forest" stretching with multi-shapes and appealing colors. Along with anemones, and sea urchins, crabs and shrimps..., groupers, "angel" fish, butterfly fish... hover coral reefs. Hon Mun Island is worthy one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam tour packages for tourists who love exploring the ocean world.

Coming to Nha Trang travel, tourists who are interested in exploring will actually have farther opportunity to experience an extremely fascinating feeling. They will be comfortably taking part in the shimmering colorful world of the ocean. Hon Mun is a famous island in Nha Trang Bay with pure waters and gorgerous coral reef ecosystems. Therefore, its name is given to the first marine biodiversity conservation park in Vietnam.

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