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Bai Tu Long Bay rendezvous for beach lovers

Tue, 20 May 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:00

Bai Tu Long Bay is actually an ideal rendezvous for beach lovers with attractive marine eco-tours and wonderful natural beauty of stunning beaches.

Nearly 200km from Hanoi and to the east of Bai Tu Long Bay (Van Don District - Quang Ninh), a tourism project associated with aquaculture of ATI Corporation - an attractive tourist address with a special marine eco- tour has just been put into operation. It is considered a beginning which could not be better for the formation of a marine eco- resort on the mysterious island. Although only coming here once, we have been experiencing unforgettable memories.

Cai Bau Island consists of 4 communes, namely Dai Xuyen, Van Yen, Binh Dan, Doan Ket and Cai Rong town. In which, Cai Rong town retains a ATI - Bai Tu Long tour with an area of ​​110 hectares along with a 5 km long pristine beach. Bai Tu Long resort looks like a soft white sand scarf, hugging the curve of the coast. Coastal are green pines always whispered with the wind. In addition, looming on foothills are villas and beautiful bungalows which are a harmonious combination of the modern and ancient. System services, according to our guide could accommodate 200 guests to rest.

Bai Tu Long Sunset

Located in breathtaking Halong scenery, ATI - Bai Tu Long tourism area compelled us with white sandy beaches, abundant shape of islands and the pure atmosphere of the sea. Immersing in mangroves stretching out, clams and sea shells still littering on the sand, I felt to be completely separate myself from the real world to come back my immemorial time. In addition, sea in the night was actually quiet with murmuring waves, twinkling lights from fishing boats bobbing on the water, and beyond islands standing motionless in the dark. Sea breezes seemed to understand the human heart. They soothed the soul and dispelled the fatigue of the hustling life. Smog of modern life has not been actually tampering Bai Tu Long yet.

Bustling life in Bai Tu Long

Participating in this tour, we had a chance to admire famous tourist spots, including eco -tourism area - Bai Tu Long beach, Phat Co Island, Rong Doi Bay, and beach on Quan Lan Island. This is an ideal eco- tourist complex with cool climate, clean environment and green sea water which Dr. Dinh Duc Huu - ATI Group Chairman had been working on construction and investment for years.

Quan Lan Island in Bai Tu Long

The first stop was on Phat Co Island – an area of fish cages in the sea. Fishes raised there were actually rare not only in Vietnam but also in the world - cobia, grouper…Then, our beautiful guide picked us up Rong Doi Bay. The green mangrove surrounding the bay was on the way to coming their season along with sunset scenes is tremendously peaceful. Our last stop in the trip was Quan Lan – a clean beach, unpolluted environment from ships. Bai Tu Long tourism cannot forget this rendezvous. Coming here, we extremely contemplated soaring casuarinas forests dropping down thick leave carpets, white sandy shores stretching without any stains, idyllic bungalows overlooking sea breezes, and warm red lamps dotting clean red brick walkway. Pillowing on the leave mattress, hearing ocean waves to retreat, thinking about something dear, simple and cozy, I felt like to be back my childhood which is full of memories.

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