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Kayaking in Halong Bay explores Luon Cave

Fri, 09 May 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:01

Halong Bay, one of new world natural wonders attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Kayaking in Halong Bay to explore Luon Cave is actually one of the most memorable experiences.

Sitting on the kayak, a small sport boat with one or two oars in hand, we are surfing on the bobbing wave, weaving between caves and rocks imbuing the thousand year moss to explore the many wonders and beauty of a famous world natural heritage site.

Luxury Bai Tho Junks brings us far away from Bai Chay tourist wharf, overlooking the waters of Luon Cave. Along with our cruise, there are 3 other Bai Tho Junks toward Luon Cave in the same journey. These yachts are designed as antique wooden boat of East - South Asia fishermen. On top of the boat and the prow are brown bat sails, which distend sea breeze.

Exploring caves in Halong Bay with Kayaks

On the kayak with small oars, we have a chance to explore rocks, bays under the guidance of the tour guide. Normally, kayaking travel programs are built by travel companies on Halong Bay Cruise. This program is integral to all of travel operators with a moderate service expense.

A big and professional yacht always carries nearly two dozen of kayaks on the roof of the deck, both sides of the yacht or are accompanied behind to serve the need of tourists. After visiting the caves and gulf scenery, depending on tourists’ need, kayaking program to be held soon or late; however, it is usually put into operation in the early afternoon when tourists had rested and relaxed after lunch. Boating areas are beautiful and unspoiled bays and far away creeks of commuter trains.

Luon Cave in Halong Bay

Tourists who had once tried to kayak in Halong Bay have actually become enamored with the type of sport tourism with the thrill they experience. The sea here is always fairly calm and clear blue as a lake on the land with green monumental cliffs shadowing on the water. Along our trip, we met many European tourists sitting on kayaks with red skin by the sun and wind of Halong Bay. With their cheery smile on the face, they surely had an interesting exploration.

Halong Bay

Kayaking close to Bo Hon cliff, we just discovered cave entrance adjacent the water's edge with a bow-shape opening at the foot of the island. Platform of the cave is submerged in water stretching about 20 meters through rocky islands with the average height of 5.1 meters and 9.8 meter width. Luon Cave in Halong Bay tourism is a typical carte stone structure form with horizontal convection retaining precious values on geology and aesthetic. The cave is formed from the erosion of sea water with the trace of molluscs that have still remained on the dome of cave ceiling. There are two symmetrical doors across the island center, so Luon Cave space is pretty open and cool. In addition, inside of the cave entrance is a salt water lake with an area of about 3 hectares. All four sides of the lake are enclosed by high and precipitous cliffs, along with untouched woodlands. Besides, the most attractive and alluring landscape of the rocky island in Luon Cave is natural scene with the combination between the mountain shape, blue water and the blue sky. The middle of the island is a rocky peak looking like a spear toward the sky. Admiring these stunning perspectives, we actually seem to be lost in a dreaming world, which is far differing from the hustle and bustle urban life.

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