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I go backpacking in Mui Ne

Wed, 25 Jun 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:57

Mui Ne well known for not only charming landscapes but also for unique cuisine. When traveling Mui Ne, tourists may absolutely understand why it is truly a worth-trying destination in Vietnam.

The trip to Mui Ne was completely spontaneous. It was somehow like I suddenly wanted to travel to a whole new destination. I immediately arranged my luggage, searching for weather information on the Internet, calling some of my friends and inviting them to take part in the trip with me, and finally calling to book seats on a travel bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne. And the trip began.

Windsurfing in Mui Ne Beach

On the first day, our group gathered in front of Suoi Tien Park in the early morning. We had breakfast at a Pho restaurant named Cong Thanh. A bowl of noodle serving with a cup of green tea was always the perfect choice for breakfast. We departed at quarter to 6 am with full power.

Mui Ne - at the fishing village

The bus took us along the way toward Vung Tau City. Along the way, we went through lakes of Tram and Coc. As a relaxing trip, we continuously stopped at the middle way to visit tourist attractions we accidentally came across. We visited many famous tourist attractions such as Ta Cu, Thay Dim Palace, Hang Temple, and other places I did not remember the names. All places we visited existed for a long time and carried sacred beliefs. Although I still had plenty of desire, we did not have enough time for visiting all attractions. We had to arrive in Mui Ne before the sunset.

Delicious seafood in Mui Ne beach

The bus continued to run for about 2 hours then it stopped at a roadside restaurant for us to have lunch. It was also an ideal occasion for me to enjoy Mui Ne cuisine. The price of a serving here was truly affordable with only 25,000 VND for a serving of fried egg noodle, fried beef noodle or rice. I ordered a serving of pilaf. My serving was so huge that I was surprised at first. It included many ingredients, namely, sautéed beef with chili, fried egg and a bowl of sour fish bowl. Enjoying the giant serving while seating in front of beach and feeling the sea’s wind blowing through face was so wonderful. After finishing the lunch, we continued our trip.

Poshanu tower in Mui Ne

On the way to Mui Ne, we visited Poshanu Cham Temple at 3pm. The architecture inside the temple was not exceptionally brilliant and majestic, just towers located on high mountains. However, it was considered as the proud symbol of Cham people in particular and of local people in Phan Thiet Province in general. For me, I was just curious about how ancient people could build temples on such high mountains. When visiting the temple we were offered tropical coconut juice called Ham Tien coconut. Taking a sip of the juice, I understood why it was one of the most famous specialties here.

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