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Hanoi egg coffee to taste to memorize

Wed, 10 Dec 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:41

Hanoi egg coffee is not simply just a favorite drink of Hanoian and tourists, but also a traditional cultural feature inherited over generations. With AloTrip in Hanoi City tours, travelers as coffee lovers will have a chance to explore the special drink.

Hanoi is partly regarded as the cradle reflecting Vietnam cuisine clearly most. Hanoi cuisine is not just famous for Vietnamese traditional dishes, but also second-to-none drinks, egg coffee as a stark example. To explore and know how to make and enjoy a cup of Hanoi egg coffee, let’s do it with AloTrip. As being a trustworthy travel agent, AloTrip craves for bringing travelers as professional tasters a new and interesting experience on Vietnam cuisine during your holidays in Vietnam.

Vietnam egg coffee

In Vietnam tours around Hanoi, tourists will find that among hundreds of coffee shops mushrooming and always crowded in the city, there is a unique drink fascinating a large number of tasters, Hanoi egg coffee. When winter comes, sitting in a small and cozy space with Hoan Kiem Lake view, sipping hot egg coffee contained in small and simple cups, guests will have an unforgettable experience. What an amazing and strange combination! Why can coffee mixed with egg create a world-famous drink? That would be a marvelous and magic creation. Coffee and eggs are harmoniously blended, which makes the flavor is not too sweet, not too bitter, but a little fatty with a passionate scent. If having a chance to visit Hanoi, tourists almost do not miss to taste and to memorize. Egg coffee - a creative drink of Hanoian, becomes famous around the world, since foreign tourists after enjoying this drink, "whisper" each other. Some say, once drinking hot egg coffee contained in small and simple cups, they will remember every single memory about Hanoi.

Sunflower Seeds and Egg Coffee in Hanoi

When winter comes and the coldness suffuses everywhere in the city, both local people and tourists want to have more time to sit together, to feel the warmth and to share stories with each other. In cold days, what is more wonderful for than sitting with friends, enjoying a hot, sweet and odorous cup of egg coffee? Cold winter in Hanoi makes cups of Vietnam Egg Coffee more special and delicious. Seemingly, eggs in winter are rounder and firmer. Egg yolk is easily separated from egg-white, which will create more fatty and sweet flavors compared with that in summer or other seasons. That partly explains why in winter, coffee lovers linger in coffee shops for long hours to enjoy exclusive cups of egg coffee. 

cafe Giang

Egg coffee first appeared in Hanoi in the early 20th century. The creator of egg coffee is Mr. Nguyen Van Giang. He used to work at Sofitel Legend Metropole, a 5-star hotel in Hanoi, in French colonial period. He varied Capuccino of Western countries to create Vietnam coffee with egg yolk, familiar but charming. Egg coffee is simply made. Bartender has to choose fresh eggs to reduce fishy smell. Coffee must be pure and premium among Vietnam coffee with passionate fragrant. Egg yolk and egg-white are separated from each other. The egg yolk is mixed with dense milk and sugar, even cheese by hand or machine until having cake-like smell. Then, the mixture is lightly poured into the cup of coffee. When the mixture of egg floats on the surface, it is ready to use. Making egg coffee is not too complicated, but it requires subtlety and ingenuity. The formula is not special or hides its own secret, but very few coffee shops where the drink is perfectly made. The secret lies in decreasing the proportion of eggs, coffee and milk harmonically, not too sweet, not too bitter with fatty flavor in passionate scent. The fatty egg flavor mingled with the aroma of coffee makes up its own taste. The best way to enjoy egg coffee is drink as it is hot; otherwise, it smells fishy and hard to drink. Later, some coffee shops use cacao powder to decorate and add flavor for the attractive drink. The unmatched drink captivates many tasters in Vietnam tour packages in the long-lasting historical city.

Đinh Cafe - a famous cafe in Hanoi

The cup used to containing egg coffee is usually small, fits in the palm of hand, just enough for people to enjoy, but still craving and longing. Cup of fragrant coffee is made from coffee, eggs and milk but has a strange attraction to anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy. Coffee egg is particularly suitable for people who do not tolerate the bitterness of filter coffee, but still want to enjoy and sip little by little. Fleshy sweetness, fatness of eggs and milk will melt away the "unpleasant" flavor of coffee, leaving only sweet and attractive fragrant. Egg coffee has existed for a long time, and it does not create a culinary trend like present-day drinks. It is just famous enough to feature a unique culture of Hanoi cuisine. Todays, tourists in Hanoi travel can enjoy egg coffee at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street, 11 Hang Gai Street, and 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street. 

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