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Most things to do in Hanoi

Fri, 19 Dec 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:38

As one of the famous tourist city in Vietnam, Hanoi appeals to tourists by its spectacular scenic sights and unique historical relics. Discovering magnificent tourist sites is one of impressive things to do in Hanoi attracting numerous tourists.

Hanoi is the millennial cultural capital of Vietnam, a center of economy, culture and politics of the country. The large number of natural landscapes as well as long-standing historical sites, tangible cultural and intangible cultural heritage... has created the impressive attraction for Hanoi travel. Hanoi today is growing numerous different types of tourism attracting the great number of both domestic and international tourists. Hanoi tourism is supported by an infrastructure relatively good and various from the system of 2-star to to 5-star hotels to restaurants with cuisines of Asia, Europe... Hanoi is the transit point of international tourists to Vietnam travel. Tourists going to Hanoi will definitely be amazed at the scenic sights and tourism services of the city. Discovering the unique architecture, impressive historical relics or immersing in the scenery of Hanoi streets will surely one of the greatest things to do in Hanoi.

Visiting the museums - the soul of the capital

Stilt house at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Hanoi is home to 16 museums scattering throughout the urban districts with extremely diverse themes. Most of tourists participating in Vietnam tour packages have not missed those fascinating tourist sites. Visiting these museums, tourists will have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese people and country, the glorious history as well as the development of the capital and the country. The system of museums in Hanoi will definitely meet the needs of visiting, exploring and entertaining on all fields. Hanoi museums will undoubtedly be of the must-see tourist attractions in Hanoi alluring numerous tourists.

Setting foot on Temple of Literature - the impressive relic complex

Stone turtles in Temple of Literature

Considered as the rich and diverse tourist complex in Hanoi, Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) is listed in 23 special national monuments in Vietnam. It is well-known as the first university in Vietnam. Hanoi people are always proud and consider Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam as a symbol of Hanoi tourism. The time attracting the most attention of Hanoians to Temple of Literature is often in the first days of the year or right before the university entrance examination seasons. Tourists to Temple of Literature not only explore the unique ancient architectural features having existed for hundreds of years but also have a chance to ascertain about education with the pride of Vietnamese people through generations. It is one of the indispensable tourist sites in Vietnam tours to Hanoi.

Exploring Hoa Lo Prison - historical witness of the capital

Inside Hoa Lo Prison

Built from 1896, Hoa Lo Prison used to jail numerous Vietnamese political prisoners under French occupation of Vietnam. After 1954, Hoa Lo has been under management of the Vietnamese government and has also held American pilots parachuting in Vietnam War, including Senator John McCain. Today, Hoa Lo leaves only a small corner as the place for serving tourists when participating in Ha Noi tour. The remaining area is Hanoi Tower commercial buildings. The opening hour of Hoa Lo Prison is from 8am to 5pm everyday. Most of tourists visiting the prison are foreigners who would like to ascertain about the history and remains of Vietnam War. Today, Hoa Lo Prison relics with precious materials showcased scientifically is fascinating sights, attracting the great number of tourists. It has become one of the impressive Hanoi attractions of dark tourism which allures both domestic and foreign tourists. Hoa Lo Prison is worth one of the attractive choices when exploring Hanoi travel.

Contemplating water puppet shows - the unique cultural feature in Hanoi

Water Puppet Show

Located at 57B Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District, Thang Long Puppet Theater is one of the most famous venues performing water puppet shows in the capital. Thanks to many performances from 13h45 to 21h15 everyday, the theater is often a stop for the great number of tourists in the journey of exploring Hanoi. Water puppetry has long attracted the attention of both domestic and international tourists, which always leaves the good impression to tourists. The dynamic stories and legends are vividly reproduced through water puppets in the combination with talented hands of artisans. Through the water puppet performances, foreign audiences will have more chance to better understand about the life, culture and Vietnamese people; simultaneously, it contributes to enhance the reputation of the Vietnamese culture and art as well as the image of the Vietnamese globally.

Great experiences with cyclo

Cyclo in Hanoi

Used as the popular vehicles in the last century, the cyclo is currently the traditional cultural feature of Hanoi and mostly serves international tourists when visting Hanoi. On the streets of the capital, especially in the area of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists will find it easy to recognize this means of transport. In the flow of the modern and bustling life, the cyclo still remains an important role in promoting the unique image of Hanoi tourism to tourists. Enjoying a journey on the cyclo, tourists will have an opportunity to discover the daily life of the locals here in the most detail way. It is cyclo-drivers that will be a great guide in the journey of exploring the capital. Immersing in crowded streets, tourists will surely get true feelings about the life and Hanoi people.

Getting "non la" (Vietnamese conical hat), lacquer paintings - the products of Vietnamese countryside soul

Non La Vietnam

Taking a stroll in Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists will easily catch the image of stores selling lacquer paintings with meticulously and unique artworks. The buyers are mainly international tourists as the souvenirs or gifts inspiring Vietnamese culture. Not only lacquer paintings, tourists to Hanoi also choose for themselves a conical hat - one of the Vietnamese cultural characteristics. It is the idyllic cultural features that make unforgettable impressions in the journey of discovering the capital. Holding the spectacular lacquer products or using "non la" in the exploration of Hanoi tourism will certainly leave the good impressions to tourists in minds about a millennial cultural Hanoi. Hanoi has displayed its significant contribution in promoting the image of Vietnam tourism to numerous domestic and internationally friends.

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