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5 reasons make Hoi An tours indispensable

Thu, 26 Mar 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:42

Enjoying delicious dishes, immersing in An Bang Beach, drinking tea, admiring Hoi An Ancient Town, and loving serenity are wonderful things to do in Hoi An tours. Seemingly, these things make a unique Hoi An, one of the most romantic places in the world.

Hoi An is a place if you have been once, you will unconditionally hope to travel again and again without being bored. Hoi An, so boring! Hoi An, so quiet! Hoi An, so tedious! That is what people often talk about Hoi An when they just spend 2 hours wandering around the town. It seems that, they are trying to fulfill their Hoi An tours in the shortest time. Two hours is just enough to eat a bowl of Cao Lau, pass a street, and visit an ancient house with a brief introduction of tour guide. However, Hoi An is more than that. What making Hoi An be loved is hiding in every corner of the town that 2 hours is not enough to discover. So, if you are planning to travel Hoi An for the first time or second time, take time and experience all of the following things, you will see that it is a true paradise for those who are not fans of bustling urban places.

Delicious Hoi An cuisine

Hoi An Chicken Rice

Seemingly, anyone can spend time eating in Hoi An all day without feeling bored. Even, you can make a long list of Hoi An things to eat. Or, do not hesitate to declare that "eat" is the main reason for you to travel Hoi An. It is estimated that 90% of tourists in Vietnam tour packages to Hoi An has a love for Hoi An cuisine, and 30% of those like spicy food. In this ancient town, you do not need to feel shy when getting up, enjoying a big Phuong's Banh My (Vietnamese sandwich), then walking around streets, and tasting a bowl of Cao Lau in Hoi An market (You can have two breakfasts, if you want!). Resting for a while, it is time to pop in famous chicken rice restaurants, Banh My store of Madame Khanh, and many kinds of sweet soup, which will bring different experiences in Hoi An cuisine. Do not forget to set aside an afternoon to enjoy beautiful sunlight at Cua Dai Beach with fresh seafood. In short, cuisine in Hoi An will be a dazzling part in your Vietnam tours to Hoi An. And you should seriously take time to find out which restaurant is the best and wholeheartedly enjoy food unlike things to do in 2-hour tours in this town.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach in Hoi An

Normally, tourists visit Cua Dai Beach in almost tours in Hoi An. They rush to Cua Dai Beach as if this was the sole beach in Hoi An. However, recently, An Bang Beach emerges as a serene heaven near the town. The beach is about 15 minute driving from Hoi An Ancient Town. It is a pristine and charming beach. An Bang Beach is portrayed by turquoise waters, big waves, and white smooth sand. But, what makes An Bang attractive not just its quiet beauty, but also lovely cafés and bars along the beach. These bars are recognized by colorful bean bags placed on sandy beach, or lovely huts with bright colorful pillows, nestled on the sand. All are imbued with easygoing and casual style in accordance with styles often seen in international newspapers. But, the most interesting thing does not come from the appearance. It comes from experiences you have here. Lying freely on the beach, sunbathing, hearing waves whispering, and turning on some favorite music, you will feel as if you were floating in the happiest place in the world.

Enjoying tea

Tasting tea and view of Hoi An

Another reason why people love and choose Hoi An to travel in Vietnam holidays is enjoying tea culture. There are lovely tea shops possessing Western style but still exuding warm Vietnamese décor. Among those tea shops, the most famous one is Reaching Out, ranking first at TripAdvisor. There must have an explanation for the leading position of Reaching Out. Here, you will have a chance to enjoy tea and delicious cakes. Tea at Reaching Out is all Vietnamese tea. The way of enjoying is characterized by Vietnamese style combined with nibbling traditional Vietnamese jam. Reaching Out also owns a style of ancient Vietnamese layout features with ancient amenities. Amid the peaceful atmosphere of Hoi An, the soul of this décor has been shining, which makes you find tranquility in your soul, relaxation to let your soul at ease with fragrance of tea and cool breeze from lush green garden. More interesting, staffs at Reaching Out are deaf people. You will communicate with them by texting on lovely small paper sheets, which creates a very subtle and artistic Reaching Out style. 

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Fairy Tale Atmosphere

Of course, Hoi An Ancient Town is the most loved thing here. The town seems to be different from business and oldness of Hanoi Old Quarter. Hoi An Ancient Town always looks like a nap that is quiet and peaceful. Every corner of the town is so amazing. Sidewalks are lovely with green trees, brilliant colorful balcony of flowers, grids of bougainvillea along streets, and colorful lanterns of all kinds. All create a fantastic landscape painting which has a clever combinations of colors and warm sunlight.


Japanese Bridge

In other cities such as Nha Trang or Saigon, you will easily feel joyous and exciting. That is the feeling of desiring to travel. It means that you want to travel, to explore and to immerse into the attractions without exhaustion. But, in Hoi An, the most loved thing is the quietness and serenity, which makes you think it is boring at first. The "sleepy" atmosphere of Hoi An will lull you into a tedious feeling, if you look at it through the eyes of a giddy man. But, let's slow down, immerse in the melody of this ancient town, like one who are learning steps to come into his distant realms and then find peace in mind. You will find Hoi An gently absorbed into yourself, into the peaceful surrounding, and gradually stripped of your tiredness, preoccupations, and anxiety. The peace and tranquility of Hoi An seem to be boring, but it turns out to be the most precious thing which makes Hoi An become a lovely oasis to anyone who has been here.

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