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Pack the bag and travel Da Nang

Fri, 22 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:52

Da Nang City is located in the Central Vietnam with its location as the center of Hanoi capital and Ho Chi Minh City. It is also the converge of 3 world cultural heritages of Hue Ancient Capital, Hoi An Old Town, and My Son Sanctuary.

The prime location is extremely favorable for economic and tourism development of the beautiful city, making it worth the most attractive destination of Vietnam travel. Da Nang is a coastal city with more than 60 km long beach. Thanks to its beautiful beaches gently stretching and endless white sands, Da Nang was voted one of 6 most appealing beaches on the planet by Forbes Magazine, USA. Immersing in the blue water, playing with the peaceful waves and sunbathing on the white sand beaches promisingly offer tourists the feeling of relaxation after working hours. Additionally, there are numerous marine services for tourists to experience the vast ocean, such as canoing, windsurfing, boating, water motor, or coral diving.

Fantastic Park in Ba Na Hills

Not only famous for its beautiful beaches, Da Nang also bears a particular appeal thanks to its position of leaning back on the majestic Truong Son range, and Son Tra Peninsula having reached the sea. In addition, Da Nang also retains Hai Van Pass, which has been dubbed "the most grandiose beauty spots in the world" with a dramatic panoramic view overlooking the sea and dangerous twists. Hai Van Pass gradually becomes a rendezvous for enthusiasts to enjoy spectacular nature or look for strong feelings. Besides, Da Nang has been worldwide well known with Ba Na Hills, one of the most gorgeous tourist spots in any Vietnam tours. Discovered and constructed from French colonial period, Ba Na Hills has been much more attractive with the cable car system getting 2 Guinness World Records and the largest recreation park in South East Asia - Fantasy Park. Continuing the journey toward the northeast, tourists will have a chance to explore Son Tra Peninsula - the forest hedged in the city with the diverse flora and fauna, together with pristine beaches rugged cliffs. Then turning back to the southeast, tourists will set foot on Marble Mountains, which contains not only natural beauty but also long-lasting cultural and religious values. Anywhere in Da Nang also hides its own such amazing beauty, creating one of the most appealing attractions in Vietnam.

Da Nang beach

Not only having bestowed numerous natural landscapes, Da Nang is also a city worth for living by the fresh and peaceful here. Constantly keeping the leading position in economic growth, Da Nang has been always maintaining good security. There is no beggars, no drug addicts in the community and rare traffic congestion. That is the reason why tourists are completely comfort and pleasant to walk around city. Furthermore, coming to Da Nang, tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy a great number of specialties such as Quang noodles, pork roll, fresh seafood in more than 150 luxury and international standard restaurants.

Bach Dang Street in Da Nang

Currently, Da Nang has offered recreational activities in tourism: experience feelings of Da Nang by night on Bach Dang tourist city, enjoy traditional artistic performances, or participate in after-24h entertainment activities. Da Nang also is investing 18-hole golf courses which have won many international awards and ready to meet the demands of golfers. Simultaneously, with the goal of becoming the city of events, Da Nang has built numerous large tourism events of international stature, including International Fireworks Competition - highlighting the spectacular fireworks displays from countries that have become characteristic of Da Nang, International Sky-Diving Competition, or annual "Summer Destination" gathering of marine leisure activities, which satisfies tourists' vacation. Tourists will increasingly have more options for their trips.

Da Nang Bridge at night

One of the advantages of Da Nang tourism rarely found in other cities is its prime location. Located right in the center of Vietnam, tourists comfortably go to the beautiful city without any difficulties. Da Nang also possesses an international airport with a capacity of 6 million passengers per year and currently deploys a large number of international direct routes. Customs procedures and Vietnam visa services are extremely swift and convenient. Furthermore, Tien Sa deep-water port regularly receives luxury yachts, bringing tourists to Da Nang.

Cham Museum

Converging all the advantages of a tourist city, Da Nang gradually expresses its great potential in the development of Vietnam tourism. Going to Da Nang to experience and immerse in a dreaming and glamor tourist city.

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