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Most exciting addresses welcome Christmas and New Year in Vietnam

Wed, 19 Nov 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:42

Christmas and New Year in Vietnam are two of most amazing experiences that tourists should luxuriate in when participating in Vietnam travel. They will have a chance to immerse in the exciting atmosphere in reaching out these wonderful destinations.

Christmas and New Year are two most important junctures of a working year. If Christmas is regarded as the festival ending the old year, New Year is the first milestone marking a new year. It is high time to rest and reunite family as well as welcome the festive season with warm and memorable trips. Tourists will surely be hard to find any other places which are much crowded and bustling than the following unique destinations of Vietnam travel. It will be a meaningful Christmas and New Year in Vietnam for tourists when going to the beautiful country at that time.


Inside Dalat Flower Park

Dalat is seemly beautified by thousands, tens of thousands of poinsettia flower and tithonia diversifolia. These 2 kinds of flowers are considered as the symbol of Christmas in Dalat. Christmas is also the blooming time of poinsettia flower and tithonia diversifolia, so tourists can be easy to meet them somewhere on the journey of their Dalat travel. Imagine that tourists are walking on a deserted road with poinsettia flower and tithonia diversifolia blossoming both sides and breathing among fresh air of early morning in the poetic plateau, then enjoying the cup of hot coffee and the cold of Dalat in Christmas season. This would be one of the most romantic and dreaming Christmas and New Year vacation for tourists in the land of thousands of flowers. Dalat will be the best choice in Vietnam tours during Christmas and New Year vacation.


A festival in Sapa

Sapa has long been considered the second Dalat in Vietnam. Going to Sapa on Christmas vacation, tourists seem to breathe the climate and weather of Northern Europe though Vietnam is a country in the tropics. In recent years, Sapa gradually becomes cold and snowy throughout rice terraces and hillsides in December. Numerous tourists have not missed the rare opportunity to participate in Vietnam tour packages to Sapa in order to contemplate the snow, play with snow and take pictures with snow. It hardly rains rains in Sapa and the ice begins to appear on these days. Tourists both at home and abroad converge Sapa to experience the weather phenomenon not ever seen in Vietnam. Welcoming Christmas and New Year in Sapa today is one of the best choices of a great number of international tourists.

Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Activities to welcome Lunar New Year in Vietnam

As one of the most thriving and dynamic centers in Vietnam, Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City deserves to be an attractive destination in Christmas and New Year vacation. There is nowhere in which the atmosphere welcoming Christmas and New Year quickly spreads than in Saigon. In early November, a great number of Christmas decorations are on sale around the streets and alleys of Saigon. Shops and stores jubilantly celebrate promotions the Christmas season; meanwhile restaurants began broadcasting playback of the song celebrating Christmas Day. The atmosphere welcoming Christmas and New Year begins "heating up by the day" when Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeers or snow scooters decorated along the streets... Saigon is the brightest at Christmas Eve when the road is full of tourists, especially in the area of Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica.

Da Nang

Da Nang - Han River Bridge

If the weekdays, Da Nang shimmers colors with thousands of electric lights in Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge in the evening, "the most liveable cities in Vietnam" is home to numerous programs and exciting activities to celebrate the birth of Christ and welcome New Year on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Notably, numerous tourists have chosen Da Nang as the ideal tourist destination in Christmas and New Year in Vietnam. The city which is famous for green, clean, beautiful and worth living in Vietnam increasingly attracts tourists not only through "available reputation" but also the ideal tourist attractions such as Ba Na - Nui Chua, Son Tra Peninsula or Marble Mountains...

Da Nang is the most dynamic city in Central Vietnam, where successfully hosted a number of international competitions such as International Fireworks Competition, International Parachute Competition. Participate in Vietnam tours to Da Nang is to enjoy these wonderful moments. Together with Da Nang citizens pick a warm Christmas and a New Year full of good luck by taking part in the jubilant atmosphere with the exciting tones of the program "Countdown" at New Year's Eve. Tourists will certainly get the unforgettable impression on Vietnam tourism in general and Da Nang tourism in particular.


Fireworks Performance during New Year Eve in Hanoi

Like Saigon or Da Nang, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is excitingly celebrated on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Tourists definitely experience the wonderful feelings when spending their vacation welcoming Christmas and New Year in the capital thousand year civilization. Hang Ma - Luong Van Can tourist route, St. Joseph's Cathedral, Ham Long Church, Hoan Kiem Lake... are actually the busiest tourist attractions on these occasions. Tourists can also participate in a Mass in the big churches in Hanoi at Christmas Eve or soak up the jubilant and inspiring atmosphere of vaudeville Countdown celebrating New Year at the moment of transition between the old year and new year.

Visiting Hanoi on Christmas days, tourists have a chance to feel how "the cold in early winter" of Hanoi is like. Tourists will find it easy to catch shawls, sweaters, wool caps, socks caps on the streets on these days. However, the cold of Hanoi is unstoppable millions of citizens welcoming Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Hanoi streets are filled with flickered and colorful electrical lights on huge Christmas trees, Santa Claus with his friendly smiles, whispers, prayers and the echoes of hymns...

Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam

Christmas or New Year today is not only the festive season of Western countries but Asian countries such as Vietnam also respond this event. It gradually becomes a cultural feature of the country. Hoi An Old Town on Christmas and New Year days is not less busier than other cities in Vietnam. Only about ancient space of the city on weekdays, tourists can feel the unique characteristics from the curving roads, yin-yang tiled roofs to the street vendors. The atmosphere is much more impressive if tourists visit Hoi An on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. In Hoi An, at Christmas Eve and New Year, most of Westerners have poured into the streets for going sightseeing, walking, and immersing in the jubilant atmosphere of Hoi An people instead of sitting around and reuniting family members as their traditions. Thanks to unique characteristics of its culture, especially during the festive seasons, Hoi An significantly contributes in promoting the image of Vietnam travel to international friends.

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