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What makes Hue unfading in your mind?

Fri, 19 Sep 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:48

With romantic and elegant grace, Hue seems to be one of must-visit destinations in Vietnam. Not being bustling and dynamic like other nearby places as Da Nang or Nha Trang, Hue keeps itself a profound and mysterious charm, arousing tourists’ curiosity.

In Vietnam travel, Hue attracts travelers with not just majestic palaces, tombs or temples, but also serene streets’ corner, or sweet voice of local people. All of them make tourists never forget once visiting here. Why do not come to Hue and feel the gentle and dreaming beauty of the century-old city with unforgettable imprints.

Peaceful alleys

At Imperial City of Hue

"Serenity" is the word that all tourists visiting Hue will speak it out. In spite of being one of the outstanding tourist destinations in Vietnam, Hue city is not bustling and busy like other places. Ancient houses, green leafy streets, romantic Perfume River and no-smoke streets bring fresh breath to this ancient capital. Unlike Hoi An, the serene charm of Hue City is in the harmony with melancholy. The desolation may come from old walls with moss amid the city center, persistent rains recalling memories in tourists' minds. Visiting Hue and popping in one of Hue streets may be an ideal break for long Vietnam holidays.

Elegant Ao Dai

Ao Dai Hue

Only by catching an image of Ao Dai for a while are tourists enticed by all the gentleness of the city. If having a chance to go strolling around at the same time with after-school time, tourists will be definitely lured into a pure atmosphere. For a long time ago, the traditional dress became uniform of female students in Hue. If white color expresses the elegant and pure beauty, the purple one honors the gracefulness and fervid charm of Hue ladies. Along with graceful Ao Dai, images of unique conical hats contribute to beautifying famous landscapes in the city such as Perfume River, Ngu Mountain, etc. These attractions in Hue are more magnificent and become symbols of this romantic city.

Sweet voice

Hue hat maker

In Vietnam tours from the north to the south, tourists will acknowledge that each region of the country is characterized by different dialects. Hue, located in Central Vietnam, has its own local one. Hue people speak their own tone of voice which is different from other places. Seemingly, tourists, especially foreign ones coming here may be easily attracted by the unique and sweet voice of Hue people, though they do not understand what the locals say. They just wonder whether the local people are talking or singing. Anyway, only listening to the voice between locals or having a chance to communicate with them, tourists may understand the love and closeness between people and people. The sweet local voice is also expressed through folk songs about Hue on Perfume River.

Sunset in Tam Giang Lagoon

Morning in Tam Giang lagoon

In spite of enjoying the sunset at different places in Vietnam, tourists will admire all the magnificent and magical beauty of it. Yet, contemplating the sunset in Tam Giang Lagoon in Hue brings a unique feeling. Hue is well-known for sorrowful comeliness. And, it is more profoundly expressed when tourists admire the stunning scenery in Tam Giang Lagoon, about 15km from the city center. Sitting on boat and getting around the lagoon, tourists may feel unescorted and small amid the nature. Tourists will be overwhelmed by the purple color of the lagoon. The second-to-none scenery has also triggered the inspiration of many poets, composers and artists. Also, toursits will never forget this amazing beauty of the area.

Rustic Hue cuisine

Hue beef noodle

In Vietnam tour packages to Hue, tourists as well as gourmets cannot miss experiencing Hue cuisine. Apart from the finical and sophisticated of Hue Court Cuisine, the refined and various folk Hue cuisine is preferred by most of tourists when traveling Hue. Once coming to Hue, it may take tourists days to discover Hue cuisine. Such dishes as Bánh Bèo, Bánh Nậm, Bánh Ướt, Bánh Khoái, Bánh Bột Lọc, and many other sweet soups like lotus sweet soup, red bean sweet soup... make tourists never forget. In addition, Hue cuisine is famous for Cơm Hến (a dish of rice and mussel), Bún Bò (rice noodle with beef), and Bún Thịt Nướng (rice noodle with grilled meat), etc. Hue cuisine does not focus much on quantity, but quality with light flavors, catchy and harmonic food decoration. Interestingly, for a couple of dollar, tourists can enjoy many delicious traditional dishes in Hue.

That the above simple things about Hue are mentioned is enough to make the city unforgettable in tourists’ mind. Unlike other cities in Vietnam, Hue appeals tourists by its serenity along streets, romance in Perfume River, rustic traditional Hue dishes, stunning sunset in Tam Giang Lagoon. All of these attractions make Hue be tourists’ nostalgia.

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