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8 reasons why traveling Sapa as ideal choice in summer

Fri, 26 Jun 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 13:53

Sapa is one of northwest destinations in Vietnam where tourism is booming. Not just being weaving by spectacular rice terraces, Sapa Town is an amazing destination when local hill-tribe people fill the town with colour.

When Northern provinces in Vietnam are suffering from the harshest time of summer, Sapa in Northwest Vietnam possesses a cool and comfortable weather with the average temperature of under 20 degrees. Besides, the diversity of tourism products and majestic natural landscapes of attractions in Sapa make the town has been always one of the top destinations in Vietnam holidays.

1. Diverse landscapes

Sapa, a foggy town

Located in the remote area of Northwest Vietnam, near Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, Sapa is well-known for being the land of spectacular rice terraces and romantic love markets. The mixture of the customs and habits of more than 30 ethnic groups creates the attractive colorful cultural carpet of Sapa. In addition, the beauty of Sapa is portrayed by the majestic view of the northwest mountainous area with towering mountains and hills. The town is also famous for Fansipan peak - the Roof of Indochina.

2. Traveling with a 5-star express

Victoria Express train to Sapa

To enjoy a wonderful Vietnam tour package to Sapa - the fairyland, it will be an unforgettable moment when feeling free with Victoria Express train time from Hanoi Capital to valleys and mountains. Victoria Express has the frequency of six times per week from Hanoi Railway Station to Lao Cai Railway Station. Each train duration is about 8.5 hours. With the capacity of 52 passengers, Victoria Express has two luxury sleeping cabins handcrafted with wood panels, which brings an absolute silence and a clear vision. Each compartment includes 6 cabins equipped with modern devices such as air-conditioning, wooden floor, private reading lamp, luggage compartment, and large window for sightseeing.

3. Four seasons in a day

European Garden on Ham Rong Mountain

Sapa is about 1,650 meters high above the sea level. The attraction is one of the coolest places in Vietnam. Weather in Sapa Town has all four seasons in a day: spring in the morning, summer at noon with mild sunny and balmy climate, autumn in the afternoon with clouds and cool air, and winter at night.

4. Various tourism products

Trekking in Sapa

Passengers traveling Sapa can choose many favorite types of traveling: traveling for pleasure or traveling for adventure. Sapa is really an ideal destination that each tourist can seek his own joy by conquering the Fansipan peak, wondering along small streets, contemplating local life, visiting ethnic minority groups of Cat Cat Village or Ta Phin Village, exploring the lifestyle of indigenous people, or just simply sitting around the fire and enjoy your book.

5. Conquering Fansipan Mountain - Indochina's Roof

From the summit of Fansipan

Belonging to Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, with the height of 3,143 meters - the tallest peak in Vietnam and Indochina, Fansipan Peak is being a place where many professional and amateur climbers want to conquer. Let's come here to experience, to contemplate, to explore the nature and yourself with the footage through a bamboo forest, cardamom, chilling sound of gibbons, and steep slopes. Conquering Fansipan Mount will definitely one of your most unforgettable memories in Vietnam travel.

6. Exploring villages in Sapa

Ta Phin Dzao women accompany

In Sapa tours, popping in Muong Hoa Valley, one of the most beautiful villages in the Northwest Vietnam where there are spectacular rice terraces, which are some time voted by reputable world press in topmost spectacular terraces in Vietnam. In this route, tourists also have a chance to visit villages of black H' Mong ethnic group and Giay ethnic group. Otherwise, tourists can pay a visit to Ta Phin Village to explore the daily life of Red Dao ethnic people and Black H' Mong ethnic people. Tourists may not understand what they say, but will partly see their traditional customs and record unique photos or videos.

7. Colorful weekend markets

Buying yarn - Flower Hmong ladies at Bac Ha Market

Sapa in summer or all year round is not just well-known for poetic natural landscapes, but also unique upland fairs bearing cultural features of locals. This is also one of the factors making the brand of Sapa travel. Some famous upland fairs in Sapa are Bac Ha Market, Coc Ly Market, Muong Hum Market, and Can Cau Market... Markets in Sapa are portrayed by temporary stand stalls at a large ground, along with lines of locals and tourists crowding the space, and various local items, which attracts many tourists to Sapa.

8. Upland architectures

Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa - Exterior

Being constructed in 1998, Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is the only luxury 4-star hotel in Sapa. Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is constructed in style of traditional wooden houses in the mountainous area. With the highlight on the ceiling, meticulous patterns, stone mosaic motifs throughout fussy special architecture which combines classic French style and the bold native details, Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa proudly appears between the mountains and perfect harmony with space green around.

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