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Binh Thuan – A charming princess of beaches

Fri, 17 Oct 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:45

Binh Thuan is a paradise of blue beaches mingled with straight coconut groves and immense sand dunes. The pristine beaches without the exploitation of human beings, the fresh nature together with majestic landscapes have a strong impression for tourists.

As one of the pristine and romantic destinations of Vietnam tourism, Binh Thuan owns the relatively favorable geographical location and is the intersection connecting the major tourist centers such as Nha Trang, Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, and Ba Ria-Vung Tau. Thanks to the stretching coastline of 192km long from Ca Na to Binh Chau with the average temperature of 26-27C, Binh Thuan is worth a great resort destination for those who would like to immerse in the peaceful natural scenery and romantic landscapes. Golden sunshine and gentle sea breezes make Binh Thuan always soothing blue along with white sand beaches endlessly stretching... It has truly captivated the hearts of any tourists when experiencing Vietnam travel here.

Phan Thiet beach

Referring to Binh Thuan, it will be a big deficiency if Mui Ne, one of the must-see tourist attractions in any Vietnam tour packages on beach, is not mentioned. It is considered as a gentle charming princess being awakened after a long sleep. Mui Ne actually attracts domestic and foreign tourists by the graceful curve of sandy shores and gorgeous apparel of the sea water, of the sun, of the wind, and of the lush green trees here. Thanks to such beauty, Mui Ne Beach was appreciated as the world's best location in Asia to host International Sailing Festival in 2010 by the International Sailing Federation. In addition, the beach here is the exciting challenge for numerous famous windsurfing racing and kite surfing athletes from Britain, France, Russia...

Sand dunes in Hon Rom, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Along with the leisure activities on waters, tourists also have a chance to soak up the peaceful relaxing moments thanks to hundreds of multi-scale and modern resorts with full-service health care or hot mineral mud bathing... and enjoy delicious culinary of the natural waters. From Mui Ne, tourists can take a boat to explore the famous beauty of popular tourist attractions in Binh Thuan, namely Cu Lao Cau, Hon Ba, Khe Ga Cape, Nghe Lake... Especially, Phu Quy Island is considered as the appealing rendezvous with eco-resorts combined with diving, fishing, doing sports and ascertaining about local culture.

Immense White Sand Dunes Mui Ne

Not only does it have the advantages of the waters, Binh Thuan is home to a wealth of scenic spots, historical architectural monuments and the system of traditional and contemporary cultural festivals of ethnic minority such as Kinh, Cham, Hoa...  The most prominent festivals should be named: Kate Festival of Cham ethnic people, The Fisherman’s Festival of Hoa people, Dinh Thay Thim Festival of the ancient Vietnamese people...These festivals are organized in chain with distinctive folklore features. Besides, there are also some modern festivals such as boat racing festival welcoming the spring, street lantern parade festival in Mid-Autumn, and Hoi Tu Xanh (Green Convergence) - an international festival which is considered as one of the major events promoting Binh Thuan tourism.

A corner of Fairy Spring

In terms of the traditional elements, it must be named Phan Thiet Water Tower - the architectural works which is regarded as the symbol of Binh Thuan province and Phan Rang city. Located in downtown of Phan Thiet City adjacent the north side of Ca Ty River, the image of the tower has become the official symbol of Binh Thuan province, the publications of books and magazine, and symbolized numerous enterprises in Binh Thuan. Besides, the Cham Towers (Po Dam, Poshanu) are the typical architectural works for the existence of Champa Kingdom. In particular, the province is also home to numerous unique works such as Van Thuy Tu, Khe Ga Lighthouse, Buddha statue located on Ta Cu Mountain, Duc Thanh School...

Poshanu Cham Tower

Realizing the diverse potential of the local, Binh Thuan now retains over 400 multi-scale tourism projects which have been completed their investment. These projects yearly attracts over 2 million tourist arrivals to visit and relax, including more than 240,000 international tourists from countries around the world such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, France, England, Korea, Japan... Numerous hotels are located right on Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard, Le Loi, namely Diamond Hotel, 3-star Doi Duong Hotel, Binh Minh Hotel... The system of hotels in Binh Thuan fully equipped along with friendly staff welcoming tourists forms a long profestional hotel chain overlooking South China Sea.

Gentle and friendly Binh Thuan people, Binh Thuan land harmonizing colors of the waters, the sun, the wind, and the mountains have actually deeply left impression for tourists once setting foot on to visit and relax here. Binh Thuan tourism is increasingly developing and worth an appealing destination attracting tourists to explore Vietnam travel.

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