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Nha Trang is chosen as an ideal destination for summer

Sat, 10 May 2014. Last updated Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:18

Price Of Travel, a prestigious travel website has chosen Nha Trang as one of most ideal destinations for 2014 summer. It also praises Nha Trang as the best beach resort city in Vietnam.

Accordingly, Nha Trang is a well-known tourist destination located on the southeastern coast of Vietnam. Surrounded with Nha Trang and Van Phong Bay, Nha Trang fascinates tourists by spotless white sands, wonderful islands with various shapes, and clean water sea. Looking down from the top of a mountain, Nha Trang is a perfect natural picture of sea, islands, mountains, fields and villages. Attractions such as Hon Tre, Hon Mun, Monkey Island, Hoa Lan Stream, Yen island, Nha Phu lagoon, Dai Lanh beach, and Cam Ranh beach are among places tourists should not miss once visiting Nha Trang Vietnam.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Unlike other areas, Nha Trang has a unique weather with a little rainfall in summer. It is truly favorable for tourists to freely swimming in clean blue sea or lying on the beach for sunbathing. Another great feature is Nha Trang food. Tourists coming here will have the opportunity to try traditional Vietnamese food and local specialties like jellyfish noodles, fried fish cake soup, and dishes of seafood. There are a large number of foreign restaurants with all culinary styles around the world from Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thailand to Italian, French, American, and Spanish. The price of food is more reasonable than that of anywhere else. Price Of Travel also reveals that in Nha Trang, beer is cheap everywhere, and mixed drinks in bars and clubs are very reasonable compared to similar places in any other part of the world.   

Sea food in Lousiana Brewhouse

In addition, the price of accommodation is surprisingly cheap. Only for about 10 USD, tourists may relax in a fully-pledged room in a hotel. Nha Trang possesses no real hostel but it offers a wide range of cheap hotels. Luxury hotels and resorts are always ready to serve tourists as well. Therefore, you can choose any kind of hotel you want here.

Nha Trang City in night is truly peaceful and friendly. Tourists may wander around the night market, buying some hand-made souvenirs, sipping a glass of delicious cocktail at the seaside restaurant or enjoying vibrant music in night clubs along the coast. Local people are extremely friendly and hospitable. They are willing to guide you places of entertainment and most famous clubs here. They also recommend what foods you should eat and where you need to go to try those foods. Price Of Travel praises Nha Trang Beach as the best beach resort city in Vietnam thanks to the favorable weather that it’s warm and sunny most every day most of the year.

Con Se Tre Island

Besides Nha Trang, other destinations entering the list of Price Of Travel include: Bali of Indonesian, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Beirut of Lebanon, Istanbul of Turkey, and Rio de Janeiro of Brazil.     

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