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Central Highlands builds cultural tourist villages

Wed, 20 Aug 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:47

The Central Highlands is planning to build cultural tourist villages with the aim of maintaining Gong culture and traditional ethnic music, as well as promoting indigenous cuisine, rituals and customs to tourists.

Central Highlands, the great land with precious intangible cultural values, is considered as being on the verge of oblivion, especially the loss of inherent sacred space with epic songs, traditional musical instruments, and folk dances. Therefore, authorities of 5 provinces in Central Highlands are researching to build cultural tourist villages to preserve indigenous unique features of Highlands culture from habits, customs, architecture to lifestyle, rituals, and festivals.

Dung Kno Commune in Lam Dong Province is considered as the locality preserving the most traditional cultural values. Furthermore, this commune is not far from Dalat, the tourist center in Highlands, therefore the first tourism village will be constructed here. This project is expected to help local people earning more income, improving their living-standards, thereby creating motive to conserve native culture and to promote such values to tourists.


An old stilt house by Lao people in Ban Don, Central Highlands


To build cultural tourist villages in Central Highlands, provincial authorities have implemented the planning and reconstruction of ethnic villages in accordance with the traditional architecture that have existed for years. Those villages also meet the demand for convenience that local people still live normally.

Cultural tourist villages in Lam Dong Province are becoming models for other provinces in Central Highlands. Buon Ma Thuot City has planned tourist villages for 11 years, but still not carried out construction yet. Provinces of Gia Lai and Kon Tum even have not planned yet.


Elephants transport tourist in Central Highlands


In several seminars on preserving and promoting intangible cultural values in the Highlands, many experts have emphasized that the diverse culture here is the advantage, the potentiality for Highland tourism to develop. Mr. Nguyen Van Huong, the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong Province said that in order to develop tourism but still preserve unique culture, it is required to raise awareness of people living and working in Highlands Vietnam, simultaneously, to train qualified human resources to work in fields related to conserving Highlands culture. They need to have deep understanding about the important role of the indigenous cultural features to the economic social development nowadays. Besides, authorities should create favorable conditions for local people to express characteristics of each ethnic group, freely live in their private spaces.


Jars of Can wine in of E De people in Central Highlands


In the plan of constructing Central Highlands, the Prime Minister of Vietnam also demands that the development will link with environment protection, conservation of traditional values. The target is by 2015, Central Highlands tourism will welcome 450,000 international tourists, 2.7 million domestic ones; the growth of international tourists is 13.8 % per year. Thus, model of cultural tourist villages is a new potential way opening up many prospects because it includes both culture and tourism, simultaneously, still keeps inherent unique traditional characteristics of Central Highlands. 

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