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Ba Na Hills - way to paradise

Sat, 09 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:55

Ba Na is one of the most beautiful hills in Da Nang along with Marble Mountains and Son Tra Mountain. Thanks to the favor of nature, Ba Na Hills has the brilliant beauty of a spring garden, the fresh and cool climate, and captivating landscapes.

On a trip to Da Nang, after having wonderful experiences in some famous attractions in Da Nang including Son Tra Peninsula, Hai Van Pass, Han River Bridge, Pham Van Dong beach, and Sun Wheel, my family decided Ba Na Hills one of the next destinations in Da Nang we should not ignore.

Fantastic Park in Ba Na Hills

We started our journey by sitting on a cable car and admired the picturesque landscapes at the very high altitude. Indeed, there is nothing more interesting than enjoying a panoramic view of Ba Na Hills by that way. All of us agreed that it is a truly way to paradise. The journey of 20 minutes in Ba Na Hills cable car seemed too short to my family. Actually, all members of my family were so excited with this wonderful experience and wanted to extend time sitting on the cable car and having a interesting perspective.

Entertainment in Ba Ba Hills

After getting off the cable car, we went to Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park, the largest entertainment center in Vietnam. Accordingly, the Fantasy Park was constructed basing on two novels by a French writer, Jules Verne including "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and " Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". The Park has three floors having the style of an old castle with many video games, thrilling and adventurous games. I saw my son was extremely exciting when playing OUT RUN 2. In this game, you will sit on a car having the real dimension like a real car and play a car racing. There is a monitor following the orders of racers attached above a big screen bringing you the feeling like you are on a real racetrack. Besides, there are many other thrilling games such as ghosts killer, horror house, a journey to the center of the earth, spider man, free fall tower. These games are actually a meeting  place of great ideas and courage.

Ba Na Hills Funicular

Le Jardin D'Amour  garden was another place in Ba Na Hills left us a strong impression.  Le Jardin D'Amour  garden consists of  many flower gardens such as Mo Spring Garden, Garden of Eden, Mysterious Garden, Lovebird Garden, Mythology Garden, etc. These gardens were designed in European style containing a plenty of flowers from all over the world, which will bring the romantic and ancient space for tourists. To be honestly, we were overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of a variety type of colorful flowers. Set foot in the garden, my daughters were so excited and did not want to move to another destinations. We took a lot of photographs here. Until now, each time we review these photos, we still remember how exciting we were and just want to come back to this beautiful place.

Buddha from Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills

Located on the top of Ba Na Hills, which belongs to Ba Na Ecotourism at the height of nearly 1,500 meters, Linh Ung Pagoda has the ancient and exquisite architecture. In front of the Pagoda, there is a large courtyard which were lined with rocks. Especially, the Pagoda also has a white and majestic statue of Shakyamuni having 27 meter high and a Sarnath, a place witnessing the first sermon of Buddha. For me, walking around Linh Ung Pagoda was the most peaceful moment in Da Nang tourism. I asked a local people and knew that 'Ling Ung" means all of your wishes become true, therefore, I prayed a little bit for good health, good lucks and success always following my family and friends.

Le jardin d Eden in Ba Na Hills

In this summer, we actually had a wonderful trip in Da Nang Vietnam. This beautiful city has left me and my family a strong and long lasting impression. My two daughters often remind us the eye-catching flower gardens while my son prefers exciting games in Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park. Stunning landscapes, delicious food and hospitable local people in Da Nang are always in our mind.

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